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PHOTO BY Maialen Teagle-Alarcon

Ms. Bermudez individually working with one of her students.

Arianna Garcia and Sophie Bright

We often see a new influx of freshmen, but hardly even notice that with a new school year also brings new teachers, and this year there’s quite a few of them. In total, there are 20 new hires, 13 of which are teachers. 

Starting off with our teacher roll call, Mr. Reynolds is one of the numerous new teachers. Former Millikan Ram, Mr. Reynolds is delighted to be back on campus. 

PHOTO COURTESY: Ava Sedillo.                                                  This photo depicts Mr. Reynolds teaching one of his many law classes.

What I’m liking most so far is the students here,” says Reynolds, “Every day my students bring a positive energy to class.” 

This holds true for him as well; he always speaks to his students in a lighthearted and upbeat manner. 

Initially, Mr. Reynolds attended UC Davis Law School. After graduating, he worked for law firms, the California Department of Justice, and engaged in some independent legal work on behalf of defendants. He presently teaches Criminal and Civil Law as well as Legal Principles at Millikan. 

After 20 years as an attorney, he discovered his love for teaching while part time teaching a mock trial in Orange County. After returning to school, he earned his certification to teach social science classes and was offered the opportunity to be Mrs. Frost’s student teacher last school year. Once here, he learned about the PEACE and law classes offered here, applied for an open position, and fortunately got the job.

 “If students ever have any questions about legal careers, college, classes, or anything else, I’m happy to talk, even if you aren’t in my class!” Reynolds stated. He is located in room 11204.


Another teacher new to Millikan this year is Special Education teacher, Angelica (Angie) Bermudez, otherwise known to her students as Ms. B. She is currently with the MBA pathway and teaches Algebra, English, Practical Living, and Career Management. Ms. B. also has a degree as an Educational Specialist. 

PHOTO COURTESY OF: Maialen Teagle-Alarcon.                This photo is showing Ms. Bermudez individually working with one of her students.

Career management is my favorite course to teach because I am passionate about helping students prepare for the transition into adulthood,” says Bermudez. 

She says that her classes have a focus on matching her students’ strengths and interests to their career choices, and she helps them build their resumes and prepare for job interviews. 

 “Although I’m a first-year teacher, I have been at Millikan since 2017 as an aide, substitute teacher, student teacher, and now a teacher,” she says. 

She definitely feels welcomed to the Millikan community and expresses how “incredible and supportive” the staff is and how “the students are sweet.” 

She’d also like the school to know that she enjoys hiking and tennis in her free time. 


Next up is the delightful Mrs. Zimber, this French 3-4 and  French 5-6 teacher is new to Millikan this year. She herself is a French native who enjoys sharing her culture and her language. She also enjoys building relationships with her students and teaching them a new language through genuine and authentic communication. So far, Mrs. Zimber’s favorite part about Millikan is the students and the goals that are set for them by the school. 

PHOTO COURTESY: Ava Sedillo. This photo depicts Ms. Zimber teaching one of her French classes.

“In particular the emphasis on creating a strong community of learners and Millikan’s focus on student engagement,” Zimber added. 

Mrs. Zimber would describe herself as a very focused and reflective individual. She is always striving to do her best and going above and beyond to make sure that her students are fully comprehending and engaged in lessons.

 Mrs. Zimber obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Francophone (french speaking) studies from CSULB (California State University, Long Beach). 

Similarly to Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Zimber had another career plan prior to that of a teacher. She was an entrepreneur and to this day her husband still runs their mid-century/vintage furniture business. 

“We also made containers of French mid-century furniture that we sold to designers in the Los Angeles area,” said Mrs. Zimber. She demonstrates her dedication and hard work every day by arriving on time and with a positive attitude.


Our last teacher on our new hire roll call, we have Ms. Aja (Aisa) Gampe who supports all pathways at Millikan and serves the school as one of our many psychologists. 

“I chose this career path because I am passionate about providing support to people in need, whether it’s academic, behavioral, or social emotional, says Gampe, “I wanted to become the person I needed when I was younger.” 

PHOTO COURTESY OF: Millikan Administration.  This photo depicts Ms. Gampe who is one of the new additions to the Millikan school psychologist team.

Gampe previously earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Cal State Fullerton in 2009 and then went on to obtain both of her master’s degrees in Educational Psychology and as an Educational Specialist from Chapman University in 2017.

She expresses how “The [other] educators here are knowledgeable and supportive and the students here have been great to work with!” 

She wants to let everyone know that, “If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here and happy to hold space for you.”

Ms. Gampe is also available to speak to on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in the library if you ever need someone to talk to.

Next issue we’ll introduce Ms. Maconochie and Ms. Cuevas. Keep a look out for Ms. Barboza, and Ms. Good in Issue 3. Make sure to stay up to date with Corydon to see the next batch of new hires!