Extend Time Between Classes?

Upstairs classrooms can take longer to get to, especially when its crowded.

Kelly Newman

Upstairs classrooms can take longer to get to, especially when it’s crowded.

Bhree Walker, Staff Reporter

With the limited time given to students to walk across campus, having to rush to class is sometimes inevitable. This is especially true for the last periods of the day.

Students should be given extra time to get to their last classes of the day because it can be very easy to be late to seventh or eighth period if you have to walk across campus to get to your next class. Nutrition and lunch give students extra time to get to their classes, while there are only 7 minutes to get to the last classes of the day.

While it’s usually not a problem, some people have to walk far distances which makes it a lot more challenging to be on time by the last bell. Should there be extra time given so students can take more time to get to their last classes? 

Having longer passing periods would be great, but after interviewing the staff here at Millikan, I learned that having more time to get to classes is not the best option to solve student tardiness.

A picture of a clock showing the limited time to get to class. PHOTO BY Kelly Newman

“There is a certain number of instructional minutes for a class to qualify as a class,” says one of Millikan’s assistant principals, Mr. Ashley, “We would have to lengthen the school day.” 

Students still waste much class time, especially when going to the front of the school to receive tardy slips. To this problem, Mr. Vega will ensure multiple tardy slip locations, including near the 500 and 800, in a few weeks.

“Our tardies are significantly less than other sights and way better than last year,” says Mr. Vega, Millikan’s Principal, “It’s not the most important reason, but too much time between classes can create a safety issue.”

Longer passing periods will help more students arrive to class on time, and will also allow students more time to use the restroom before class, overall wasting less class time.

However, I don’t believe anyone would appreciate or like a longer school day, even if only a couple extra minutes go to the last passing period of the day. So while I would love to not have to rush from the 500 building to the 400 building at the end of the day, lengthening school hours is not the answer.