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Photo of AP News headline.
FAFSA's Detrimental Delay
Bailey Body, Staff Reporter • June 7, 2024

As the school year comes to an end, seniors are starting to accept colleges. Students put a hold on accepting college invitations until they...

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Photo of a beach cleanup, courtesy of Canva.
Long Beach Beautification
Audrey Lozano, Staff Reporter • June 7, 2024
Photo of the official poster for the Millikan Fashion Show Istoria.
Millikan Fashion Takes the Stage!
Allyson Richter, Feature Editor • June 7, 2024
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Photo of a movie theater from Pixabay.
Mufasa: A Disney Live Action
Bailey Body, Staff Reporter • June 7, 2024

Over the years, Disney has continuously recreated their own masterpieces from the previous years using live action properties. As a prequel for...

Photo of Visions Art-Fest event
Musicians v.s. Streaming Services
Ian Henriquez, Staff Reporter • June 7, 2024

Clubs such as Visions have provided a platform for student musicians to explore the depths of a career in music performance. Whenever a solo...

Photo of Karma by JoJo Siwa on Spotify.
Featuring "Karma"
Audrey Lozano, Staff Reporter • June 7, 2024

Jojo Siwa, now 21 years old, recently released her new song “Karma,” which had blown up on the internet seemingly overnight. As a child performer...

Photo of the LBMA entrance to the LBUSD student gallery.
LBMA Student Art Show
Bhree Walker, News Editor • May 20, 2024

“I liked how [the LBMA] gave everyone the opportunity to see their work. I feel like it’s cool how they spotlight everyone, they give everyone...

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Kendrick vs Drake
Jeremy Tokudomi, Social Media Manager • June 13, 2024

Many people in the rap community know about the long-standing feud between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and it has recently started to heat...

Photo of Minga make a hall pass application
Minga Hall Passes
June 13, 2024
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Photo during the Long Beach Grand Prix
IndyCar at the Long Beach Grand Prix
Zoe Jamali, Staff Reporter • May 16, 2024

In 2008, IndyCar officially announced Long Beach as their newest track, and has been a staple event on the IndyCar Calendar ever since. Previously,...

Photo courtesy of Coach Kyra
Girls Beach Volleyball Moore League Champs
May 16, 2024

Sophia Orbiso, a QUEST sophomore and Olivia Smith, a QUEST senior, are your girls beach volleyball Moore League Champions! Now let's go backwards...

Photo of Money
The Ohtani Betting Scandal
Kayla Castillo, Staff Repoter • May 7, 2024

Shohei Ohtani makes headlines for his incredible skills on the baseball field; recently, however,  he has been in headlines for other reasons.  Whenever...

Photo of Big Screen at a March Madness game. (Photo courtesy of
March Madness Recap
Liam Hollon and Sophia Bravo May 6, 2024

The end of March Madness this year saw UCONN, the likely winner going into the tournament, taking home their second title in two years. With...