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The War Between Israel and Hamas Update: Pt. 2
Photo of Palestinian protest (photo curtesy of Xach Hill

The war continues between Israel and Hamas, and as it does, so does the destruction it has been causing to Israel and Palestine. 

This war, which began with the original Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023, has been incredibly deadly, with over 30,000 Palestinian citizens being killed and about 1,400 Israeli citizens being killed. These numbers are likely to climb even higher as recent ceasefire talks have proved unsuccessful.

Palestinians throughout Gaza have continued to remain in poor living conditions as food and water are limited with little to assist in their situation. Israeli citizens have also been hurt in a financial way since the start of the war with many businesses being shut down and the economy taking a major hit. A few countries, however, are beginning to make an effort to aid the people of Gaza as their situation continues to worsen, the US included. 

Photo of a man walking through a city in ruin. (photo courtesy of

“The first such humanitarian mission occurred Saturday, March 2nd when the U.S. and Jordanian forces airdropped 38,000 meals along the coastline of Gaza,” said an article by C. Todd Lopez on the U.S. Department Of Defense Website.

These airdrops are some of the first humanitarian aid efforts by the U.S. Within these airdrops are food, temporary shelters, and water for the people of Gaza. 

Pressure from voters in the Democratic primaries may have aided in the decision by President Biden to execute this mission. This pressure was created by voters protesting against the Democratic party and their stance on the Israel-Gaza war by voting “Uncommitted” on the ballot. 

“The U.S. should reject extremists on both sides of the issue and can request a ceasefire when they feel the war has gone on too long,” said Millikan AP US Government teacher Dr. Rudman.

It is possible that if the U.S. had remained completely neutral on the matter since its start voters would be more in favor of keeping current elected officials in office but given the response that took place with many voting uncommitted, skepticism is strong throughout Americans. 

Until both sides back a ceasefire, the war will continue and the death toll will rise. Aid from countries will continue to help those struggling on both sides of the war. Should the Democrats currently in office want pro-Palestinian voters to switch to their side, they should continue aiding civilians in Gaza.


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Liam Hollon, Assistant Athletics Editor
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  • E

    ezekiel youngApr 25, 2024 at 9:21 am

    This article is a great sequel to the previous due to its ease of understanding without prior knowledge about the subject along with providing lots of important new info such as the death count rising to 30,000 palestinians and 1100 Israelies and peace talks between the two failing meaning likely a much longer road ahead before peace is in sight. One Concern I have though is that the article fails in its discussion of the United States aid to mention that the US still hasn’t recognized Palestine as a country yet and neither has Israel and they started the war by taking their territory and pushing them out of their land they previously occupied. I would definitely include this to give an overall big picture of the war for those who have no prior knowledge. I would also suggest adding some figures like money spent on either side, the amount of time it’s been going on and so on because that would help the reader see the scale of the war. Overall the article is well written but one enhancement I have is that the transition from the quote to the second to last paragraph is a little confusing and not fluid and I would change the first sentence to “This would have been possible if the U.S. had remained completely neutral on the matter” this makes it less wishy washy and more clear. Overall this was a really well informed article that shows a great simple update on the perspective of the war happening on the Gaza Strip.

  • K

    KylieApr 10, 2024 at 9:23 am

    I enjoyed this article as I read the first article written on this topic. It is nice to hear an unbiased opinion on the situation currently taking place as many news outlets are biased supporters or not telling the full truth on either side. It is good to be aware of events that are currently happening though they are not directly affecting some of the people of the US.
    With the upcoming election it is important to be aware of how United States politics will have a role, so the mention of the Democratic primaries aiding in the decision of President Biden is very good insight. Though the article is short it gives good information and is easy to read, making this article very informative.
    Something about Hollons article that interested me was the quote from Millikan’s AP US Government teacher Dr. Rudman. Having a perspective from someone of our community is very important and gives for a better understanding. Though I like to stay aware of my current events, I don’t always have the time to scour the news, so this article really allowed me to stay up to date. For example was not currently aware of the voters protesting against the Democratic party as well as their stance on the Israel-Gaza war by voting “Uncommitted” on the ballot.
    I hope to see another article in the following months updating us about the war between Israel and Hamas and the destruction it has caused to Israel and Palestine. Overall this article is well formulated, unbiased, and allows a deeper insight with their use of quotes, with a stance from Millikan High School on the current events.

  • N

    Noah PerezApr 10, 2024 at 9:20 am

    The article gives plenty of background information and does a great job at keeping a neutral stance that can appeal to any reader. Personally, I believe the death and destruction is completely unnecessary and deeply heartbreaking. The amount of people that have lost their lives to a cause that they have no part in is absolutely terrifying. One thing I wished to see more of in the article is various sources from people living through this terrifying war, however the article did a great job of providing information. I like how the article concluded with information that could be applied to actions that we can take to help stop the destruction.
    Though it seems there is little hope, I find it very important to find empathy for those who are still experiencing these horrible conditions and loss. We still need to give hope to those who have nothing but hope left. It seems very important to supply aid to those in need during these times. I can’t imagine being placed into a position where my family and friends are losing their lives and there isn’t much aid being given to help relieve those losses. I give my condolences to all who have passed away or have experienced loss due to this conflict.