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The Reinforcement of Random Searches

Kayla Castillo
Photo of a student backpack

Can they search our backpacks? Can they pat us down? The answer unfortunately is yes, but they must have a reasonable suspicion to do so.

The reinstatement of random classroom searches has brought up many concerns as students are questioning what is the cause of such dramatic efforts by the school administration. 

The problem is the entire student body is being impacted by the people who are choosing to abuse school rules like using vapes in the bathrooms. 

We should not be deprived of learning time because of the admins inability to catch the small demographic of students who bring drugs onto campus.

The week of February 26 our teachers, parents and students received an email that the dress code here at Millikan will be more enforced. In the email sent to teachers however it also stated the random classroom searches would be re-enforced. But why are they enforcing it now and not at the beginning of the school year? Why wasn’t it also included in the email to students and parents?

These random searches are just now being brought to our attention but they have actually been happening for years according to COMPASS Assistant Principal Mr. Ashley. The system for these searches is as follows: Admin plans the searches weeks or even months in advance. They select what type of search they will be doing (entire classroom search or teachers randomly select two students to be fully searched) but whoever is conducting the search doesn’t know where the search will be occurring. 

Their system for selecting what classroom gets searched is…picking a number out of a plastic bag. The same bag you can find in your kitchen drawer. 

After an interview with COMPASS Assistant Principal Mr. Ashley, he told us, “It should always be happening, we just are making it more known and visible.” Ashley also says, “They’ve been occurring but we haven’t been advertising [the searches] as much. The purpose of these searches is to find nothing,” says Ashley. 

The week of January 29, our Principal, Mr. Vega sent an email telling Millikan students that being tardy is a disruption to the classroom, but is it okay to stop class and search everyone? The contradiction of what this email suggests is extreme considering admin is disrupting classroom time without any consequences.  

“I haven’t personally searched but I think that it keeps students on their toes. However it does interfere with classroom time and I feel if they want to add new enforcement they should keep up with what is already said to be instituted, for example, the dress code. If they can’t keep up with one rule, how are we going to keep up with this one?” says a teacher here at Millikan. They wished to stay anonymous due to concerns of backlash from administrators. “It has potential but it needs to be executed correctly if they want students to obey.” 

Why can’t searches occur only in the place of where problems are coming from? While     the staff is doing searches in the bathrooms already, a better solution is to search bathrooms everyday during both class time and breaks instead of disturbing the innocent students who are actually being productive. If you walk into the 300 bathroom during any period or break you will find students abusing drugs and using contraband.  If students know that there is a high chance that they will be caught when they go to the bathroom, we doubt that they will continue what they shouldn’t be doing. 

Millikan staff’s goal is a clean and contraband free school and unfortunately some Millikan students abuse drugs and use vape pens here on campus. The searches being enforced isn’t the problem, it is the depiction it causes for the students and teachers and could definitely be done in a less chaotic way to keep our school safe.

Photo of change out options in room 305 (Nora Burst)


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  • A

    Alyssa CarrilloApr 11, 2024 at 9:35 am

    On March 27 2024, Kayla Castillo and Lucy Cuevas wrote an article titled “The Reinforcement of Random Searches.” This article does a great job of bringing light to all the issues with random classroom searchers. Castillo and Cuevas mention how random searches occur because of the small minority of students who abuse school rules and do contraband in the bathrooms. They then impose the question: why should innocent students be searched when it’s such a small minority? Castillo and Cuevas also acknowledge how admin’s thought about classroom disruption. They get a quote stating how tardys are a disruption to class, but they question how stopping class to search everyone isn’t. Administrators claim that the purpose of the search is to find nothing so then what is the point? Castillo and Cuevas offer a counter resolution that explains how administrators should just check the bathrooms during class times and breaks more frequently because that is when students are most likely abusing school rules rather than disrupting class time.


    Alyssa Carrillo

  • L

    Luke GossageApr 11, 2024 at 9:29 am

    Apr 11, 2024

    Dear Kayla Castillo and Lucy Cuevas

    On march 27th 2024 the letter “The reinforcement of random searches” was written. The article provides a brief summary of the way millikan students are searched occasionally for bad items on campus. The purpose of theses searches are made to discover weapons or drugs or something harmful in the possesion of a student which can be taken away when found. At millikan t is my belief that we do have a problem with vapes which are not allowed in school property however it seems that everyone has one every day. I have personally been searched once before at random and I can admit that it was annoying to deal with however the search provided good evidence that I was clear from any illegal possesions. I belive that the searches should be implimented further into the boys bathrooms where most of the vaping occurs. I have used the bathroom countless times during class or lunch only to find clouds of vape being blown into the air and in my face. The article mentions that the staff are already getting used to checking the bathrooms during class time however I have never once seen a supervisor in the bathrooms before. On the other hands I am consatntly getting pulled out to be checked for my dress code which I usually get in trouble for. I sometimes wear black pants to school which are illegal and I imediatly get called out for it at the gate. I find it slightly annoying that people can wear ripped jeans and high skirts but my long black pants cross the line. The dress code is a personal problem for me and it prooves that millikan has its priorities set straight.


    Luke Gossage

  • L

    Liam NeubauerApr 9, 2024 at 11:39 am

    The admins need an inside man to rat out all the people vaping in the restroom like some kind of CIA operation or something.