Pros Vs Cons of Teen Jobs


Photo Courtesy: Cali Ono

This photo depicts what the work permit looks like.

Arianna Garcia, Staff Reporter

To get a job or not, Rams..that is the question. Having a job as a teenager can create multiple different facets. Some believe it can be a productive way for students to spend their time, while others believe it will only impede their progress.

Although some may argue that a job distracts one from their extracurricular activities and may make them lose touch of what’s more important, I believe that if you manage time well and keep a strict schedule, it will not be an issue. If handled correctly, having a job can provide teens with a new source of income and help them to pick up many important life skills. This is a crucial part in growing up and facing new responsibilities. As teenagers, we often want things that are unnecessary and having our own income can allow us to purchase these materials or experiences without relying on our parents.

 According to The Benefits and Risks of Adolescent Employment, “Most parents like the idea of their children working, as they think that employment instills a whole array of positive traits, including independence, responsibility, interpersonal skills, and a good work ethic.”

Photo Courtesy: Cali Ono

This is not the case for all. My father’s philosophy is that if he can financially support me himself, there should be no need for me to focus on anything other than school. While I can understand where he is coming from, I think that every teenager should give it a try. I am aware that this financial stability is not available for all, but not having this stability can build another source of motivation in getting a job. “I think having a job in high school is a great experience and is especially helpful when applying for colleges,” said Millikan’s resident College Advisor, Adriana Juarez. If not a job, any kind of volunteering or internship can also be a great opportunity to learn new skills that will later be applied to life.

After randomly selecting 20 students of all different grades during lunch time near the quad, 14 did not have a job and 6 did. A QUEST junior who would prefer to stay anonymous thinks that only upperclassmen should have a job. “Freshman and Sophomores should be more focused on school and have fun,” they added. 

If you are interested in getting a job and think it is the right choice for you, click here for the work permit link.