Splatoon 3 Launch


PHOTO COURTESY of Ricky Chevy:

Jett Baker, Staff Reporter

After five long years since its previous installment, Splatoon 3 is finally here! Returning fans and new ones are finally ready to spill ink and dress fresh. Being the third game in this trilogy, most long-time fans know what Splatoon is. You may have heard the catchy commercial that played back when the very first game was released, “you’re a kid now! You’re a squid now!”

Players will get the chance to explore a completely different city than in previous games since we’re now in the Splatlands. Located deep within the Splatlands is a city named Splatsville, also known as the City of Chaos. Players will meet familiar faces around the city, and new faces on the battlefield to splat.

“I’ve played both Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2 and even though Splatoon 3 is new, I’ve been really liking it so far,” says SEGA senior Matthew Martinez.

PHOTO COURTESY of Josh Yogi: Splatoon 3 Video

Speaking of splatting people with your weapons, Splatoon 3 has added all-new weapons to use. First, there’s the Splatana which is a sword-like brush that sends blobs of ink flying across the battlefield. Next up is the Tri-Stinger, which is referred to as the Splat Bow in-game. As its name implies, it’s a bow that shoots three blazes of ink depending on how far back the player pulls it. Depending on how you shoot it, the bow switches from horizontal to vertical firing mode. Don’t worry about the same weapons getting boring! The developers of Splatoon 3 have promised to include even more weapons in future updates. 

Splatoon prides itself on individuality expressed through your character’s unique clothing style. Splatoon 3 is no different with character customization oozing out from everywhere throughout the game. Something that is completely new to the franchise is lockers!

Lockers are where players can place weapons, gear, stickers, and other items to their liking. The possibilities of locker customization are almost limitless. The developers have added a brand new type of shop specifically for player lockers to drip style like they drip ink known as Hotlantis. This shop is where player inklings can buy anything from stickers to Easter island statues. Players can decorate it in any way you like to show off your splatting style!

Splatoon 3 is available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch system for $59.99.