See the Visions


Sophie Bright

By Sophie Bright and Rebecca Wilson
Feature Page/Copy Editor and Staff Reporter

“Things to do when you like a poem, but nobody is clapping and you don’t want to be the only one.” -Charles Webb. 

This quote is read at the beginning of every Visions Mic Night to signify why you snap, rather than clap for performances.

The Visions Club, run by Co-Presidents Nina Rodriguez and Sophia Martt, and Co-Vice Presidents, Oli Truninger and Mia Buck, recently hosted its annual Open Mic Night on Friday, Oct. 29 in Millikan’s Choir room.

The event began at 6 p.m. and the only rules were clap for music and snap for poetry. Students either played instruments or sang, and others decided to use the open mic to read their poetry. 

Photo Courtesy of @mhs.visions on instagram

Photo depicting the “Visions” open mic night announcement.

“To me as a performer, I feel like Visions is a really good stepping stone to start opening yourself up and performing in front of people,” states Co-President Rodriguez. She continues, “I know that I really want to do more open mics like this in the future. I love the adrenaline rush and the energy that comes with performing.”

Visions’ overall purpose is to inspire creativity and expression for everyone, and club Presidents Rodriguez and Martt are making the club’s “vision” a reality. 

“Visions is a great starting place for performers who really want to get into their art to express themselves and gain experience performing in front of a live audience who won’t judge them.”

If you happened to miss this one, you’re in luck! Visions is scheduled to have another open mic night  sometime in December. Be sure to watch for more details and plan to attend.