Busy Making Business


Clark Bousman

A picture of Ms. Valdez with two of her capstone students.

Kassie Sainz, Page Editor

Converting mundane classrooms into fully functioning offices, MBA: Millikan’s Business Academy is dedicated to the mastery of marketing and entrepreneurship and actively engages students in career-like experiences. 

Business Management for Entrepreneurs, MBA’s capstone course instructed by Ms. Valdez, cultivates students to fulfill financially secure futures. The classroom functions under the setting of a conceptual business that promotes immersive learning and career readiness. With two prior MBA courses, these students utilize their 9th to 11th grade skills to thrive within the classroom.

Ms. Valdez in her classroom. (Clark Bousman)

Throughout the duration of the school year, students work collectively together to develop, design and distribute a fictional product. Their businesses operate through an intricate network of departments such as accounting, human resources, and administration. Students are required to craft a detailed resume and apply for one of the various positions. From then on, they partake in establishing a website, conducting international sales, directing annual reports, etc. 

“They gain real-world industry practice,” said Ms. Valdez, the MBA teacher of Business Management for Entrepreneurs and Virtual Business Management. “It’s project-based learning that helps them explore what it’s like in the average day of a professional. They do real tasks that real administrative professionals do on a day-to-day basis.”

Beyond mirroring a variety of responsibilities, Valdez’s students garner essential collaboration skills. 

“They learn how to work with different personality types and different work ethics,” said Valdez. “No matter what industry you go into when you grow up, working with customers or colleagues is a very important skill to have.”

All in all, MBA thrives in molding versatile individuals who are prepared to succeed in their future endeavors.