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LBMA Student Art Show

Payton Miller
Photo of the LBMA entrance to the LBUSD student gallery.

“I liked how [the LBMA] gave everyone the opportunity to see their work. I feel like it’s cool how they spotlight everyone, they give everyone a certificate, they call everyone’s name. I feel like it’s a really good opportunity to give both confidence and also inspiration to aspiring artists,” says Payton Miller, a junior in COMPASS and advanced studio art.

High school students throughout the LBUSD are chosen to display their artwork at the Long Beach Museum of Art in the John and Helen Apostle Youth Gallery. The opening reception was Mar. 17, 3 p.m.-5 p.m., but the museum held the gallery open between Mar. 17 – May 12.

The theme this year was “Take Space, Make Space,” which can be interpreted in many different ways. How we take up space or make space, what is your safe space, etc.

Three teachers at Millikan, the Photography teacher Mr. Coppenger, the AP Art and Fashion teacher Mrs. Palsgrove, and 3D Art teacher Ms. Bailey choose the student artwork at Millikan that will be sent to the gallery and then the Long Beach Museum of Art chooses all the artwork that they want to display out of all the pieces presented to them.

Photo of the Millikan photography entries in the exhibit (Payton Miller)

Twelve Millikan student photographers were chosen to display their pieces at the museum. Mr.

Coppenger’s process for choosing photos was a little more selective than the rest of the art pieces. This is because many people don’t consider photography a form of art, therefore there’s more pressure to submit more exceptional pieces.

The most memorable piece of all the photos was a piece submitted by Payton Miller, a junior in COMPASS and advanced studio art.

“My photo is of a woman laying on the beach, and waves are crashing over her face. I wanted it to look like she was drowning to capture how a lot of people feel like they don’t have space in their own head,” says Miller.

3D art pieces were also chosen for display at the LBMA, including 10 pieces from Ms. Bailey’s 3D art class. She asked all her students to make artwork from skateboards, but the most memorable piece was a student who submitted artwork on a regular piece of wood.

“So at the bottom [of the art piece], it has a lot of people, they’re walking across the crosswalk in a crowded urban setting. And [the artists] happens to be mixed in there carrying her portfolio with her artwork,” says Ms. Bailey.

Eight students from Ms. Palsgrove’s class, who teaches AP art, were selected to showcase their work. A few of those art pieces that were selected by the LBMA included illustrations a soccer field, the bonds that people create, overpopulation, a dinner table, and neighborhoods.

While the gallery did end May 12, you can still visit the Long Beach Museum of Art. Admission is twelve dollars, but ten dollars for seniors and students, and free for children twelve and under.

Make sure to visit the student gallery when it’s up next year to support our Millikan students.

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Bhree Walker, News Editor
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  • I

    Isabel AntonioMay 21, 2024 at 9:37 am

    On May 20, 2024, Bhree Walker wrote an article titled “LBMA Student Art Show”. The article is about the Long Beach Museum of Art, and describes the process of which the students who submitted work here at MIllikan were selected to be part of the art show. I really like how this article mentioned all the teachers that were participating in this competition and what their process was of choosing which work they thought was worthy of submitting. It states that “Peyton Miller, a junior in compass, submitted the most memorable piece of all the photos.” I like how the author gave credit to the students who did exceptional work, but I would’ve liked to see the photo that was taken. Although they did describe the piece of work with incredible detail, so I have a good idea of what the photo could look like. One thing I think enhanced this article was their use of images. The author chose an image of the art gallery to display in the article and I think it made the article more enjoyable because it gave the reader an idea of what type of work the show was looking for. Another thing about the article that makes it a pleasant read is the fact that the author described what the art show was about “make space take space”, and they continued to give examples of what that could mean. This makes me feel not so lost as the reader and gives me a better understanding of the competition. Overall I really enjoyed reading this article and thought the author did a great job of explaining everything.

  • J

    jack brownMay 21, 2024 at 9:28 am

    Dear Corydon Editor,

    On May 20, 2024, Bhree Walker wrote an article titled “LBMA Student Art Show”. The article tells us about the gallery that was open from March 17th and May 12th. The article does a good job in describing the different art pieces that were in the gallery, and how they were selected. I went and saw the gallery while it was open and it was cool to see all of the different art made by millikan students. It was cool to have my own photo selected for the gallery as well. I liked the quote selected to start the article and how it explains what the gallery was really about. I’m excited to see what next year’s gallery brings, and hopefully we get the opportunity to participate in it again. It was a fun experience and this article does a good job covering the gallery.


    Jack Brown

  • J

    James McCullaghMay 20, 2024 at 1:13 pm

    May 20, 2024

    Dear Corydon Editor,

    On May 20, 2024, Bhree Walker wrote an article titled “LBMA Student Art Show”. This article is talking about the art gallery that was open from March 17- May 12. I wish I would’ve known about the gallery sooner. I think it would be cool to look at the art made by students my age. I would like to be better at art so I think it’s very cool when someone has great art skills. I know some people who can draw pretty well but I also know that painting is a whole other story. I think it’s great that the students have a way to have other people to see their work and get encouragement to continue working on their craft. I wish that it was free to go see the museum. I find it fun to go every now and then and see the amazing works of other people.


    James McCullagh