Girls Lacrosse


Shayna Hauczinger, Leilani Paige

PHOTO BY Ava Sedillo and Kaylie Pham Girls lacrosse at practice.

Jeremy Tokudomi, Social Media Editor

As the girls lacrosse season inches closer, so too does the debut for first time coach, Marlene Boyd, an economy and government teacher at Millikan. 

“I became the coach of the girls lacrosse team at the beginning of the school year,” said Boyd, “the team didn’t have a coach and an email went out to the staff seeking interested teachers, so I responded to the email.”

 In the ‘21-’22 season, the team went 4-4 overall and 4-2 in Moore League. Then junior Carly Brenner was a top performer on the team, with a total of 18 goals scored throughout the season.

 “Our varsity team has a wealth of lacrosse IQ, so I wouldn’t say that any one player is ‘improving’, but varsity is definitely getting stronger,” said Boyd. 

PHOTO BY Ava Sedillo and Kaylie Pham. Coach Boyd running practice for girls lacrosse.

The team’s come-up is strong. These players definitely have a lot of potential to achieve with most players scoring above 15 goals all season. The girls have practices where they do agility drills mixed in with strengthening fundamentals and conditioning. 

 The first season game that the Millikan family can come to support is their Moore League opener here on Mar. 7 at 4:00 PM.