Midnight Mayhem


PHOTO BY Alani Serrano A fan standing outside a concert showing their love for Swift

Emma Lloyd, News Editor

The new Taylor Swift album, “Midnights” was released on Oct. 21. Many fans were on Spotify counting down the minutes until the release of the amazing new album. 

The album contains thirteen songs that Swift describes as, “thirteen sleepless nights.” But that is not all that Swift gave us. She released an extended edition of the album, “Midnights (3am Edition).” This edition contains the songs from the original album and seven FREE bonus tracks. Taylor had described some of the songs as sequels to other songs from previous albums. 

A wall of albums at Target

COMPASS junior Taylor McDougal says, “I was extremely excited when I heard the news. We haven’t gotten a new album since ‘evermore’ and I was ready for something new. My favorite song is ‘Maroon’. I think people can relate to the album and its song ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’ because it’s a very teenage era type of song.”


Fans were also excited when Swift started going on TikTok and filming segments which she called, “Midnight Mayhem.” There was one segment in which she held a red phone upside down. Fans started theorizing that a collaboration was coming. When the album was released, theorizers were ecstatic to see that the song “Snow On The Beach” was a collaboration with singer Lana Del Rey

Since the album’s release and for the first time in years, the Billboard Top 10 has no male artists. And for the first time ever, the top 10 is just one artist: Taylor Swift. Twitter has been blowing up with this information due to her long standing reign as number one on the platform. Many people, whether they are fans of the influential artist or not, are hung up on the subject. 

Either way, there is no doubt that this new release has already had a major impact on the world of music.