Saturday School


Jaden Sanchez

PHOTO BY: Jaden Sanchez

Alma Perez, Copy Editor

On Saturday, Jan. 21, Millikan brought back make-up days for students who miss more than ten percent of school: Saturday School.  

Saturday School is not the worst thing in the world, and it certainly is not the worst policy at Millikan. In fact, it’s actually very beneficial to Millikan and its students. 

Now, most people would hear “Saturday School” and automatically assume that it is a punishment. However, after an interview with Mr. Hayes, one of the faculty members in charge of Saturday School, and one of Millikan’s new Assistant Principals, I learned that it is actually a way to help the students.

According to Hayes, earlier this year, the High School Office of LBUSD (Long Beach Unified Student District) asked administrators from every school if they were doing Saturday School. Millikan, like many other schools, said yes. 

Saturday School is not new to Millikan. Prior to the pandemic, Saturday School had gained popularity in many high schools, Millikan included.

Why? Every school is measured by students’ grades, graduation rates, how well students do on standardized tests, and of course, attendance.

When students fall below the 90% attendance rate, then they are considered a chronic absence student, based on state code

When many students start falling below this standard, the school’s rating begins to be affected. Also, not showing up to school affects the amount you, as a student, learn. 

“If you are not here, your ability to learn is lessened, because you are not getting the information to be successful,” said Hayes. 

Now, I’ve established how Saturday school benefits the school, but how does it help students?

It allows students to make up the time and work they have missed and helps their attendance rate rise back above 90%. 

“I feel like my Saturday School was productive because I had fewer distractions,” said Amie Soto, a QUEST sophomore. “It’s good to go so you can make up your missing assignments and homework.”

Chromebooks are provided and students are encouraged to any missing and upcoming work they may have.   

It is especially helpful for students who have more than three all-day, unexcused absences from receiving a letter from the district. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather receive a letter from Millikan than from the district. 

Attending Saturday School clears one absences per Saturday School attended. Tardies will not affect your receiving a notice, but if you do attend, those tardies that have not yet been cleared by detention

PHOTO OF: Millikan teacher, Mr. Levin who helps students with their math work
PHOTO BY: Jaden Sanchez

will be cleared. 

Contrary to popular belief, excused absences will not get you assigned Saturday School unless you have enough that they start dropping your attendance rate below that 90% margin. 

Saturday School is not the punishment many believe it to be. In fact, I think it’s one of the better policies Millikan has re-introduced after the pandemic.