Dancing Through Life


Robin Swanson

By Robin Swanson

Staff Reporter

At Millikan, the dance team is known for their amazing shows, and the talent. One of these amazing students, Camille Larsen, gives insight into what it’s like to be on the Millikan dance team. Larsen is a senior in the COMPASS program; she is also the captain of Dance 5-6. 

Dance is known for being a very rigorous sport and most dancers start off very young. Larsen started when she was “three years old. [my] parents had encouraged [me] to try and so [I] did.” Lots of people tend to quit or leave their sports after a few years, but Larsen is still up on the stage performing, loving every minute of it. 

With dancing comes competitions. There’s team dances, singles, pairs and so on. Larsen said she prefers “group dances because there’s support, and you have to work together as a team.”She adds that it feels better to know you’re not alone on the stage performing. And even though competitions are stressful she said they’re a lot of fun. But with competitions comes winners and losers, Larsen doesn’t really care about that part. She said that, “there are so many different people out there performing that you can’t help but be proud of everyone,” going up on stage and dancing. Putting themselves in front of a crowd and a group of complete strangers that are there to judge their every move, it’s no small feet, so no matter if you win or lose you should still be proud of yourself for getting up there.

Dancing is fun for Larsen. It’s a way to let loose and do something she loves. Through her sport she has found many other interests, such as theatre and drama. She’s been in some of Millikan’s plays, which are always a huge hit. Her biggest role model is Sutton Foster, a rebound Broadway actress and also two time Tony award leading actress. “Like theatre, dancing always leads up to something,” Larsen said, “there’s a story being told in each dance, a moment in each move.”

The Dance team at Millikan is a big part of student life, the shows they put on every school year is something everyone at Millikan looks forward to. If you’re looking to join the dance team talk to your counselor.

Photo curtesy of Camille Larsen

Camille Larsen dances her way though life and the Pandemic.