Days to De-stress


Sophie Bright

By Sophie Bright
Editorial Page Editor

As of October 13th, LBUSD decided that while teachers were in their training sessions, instead of having a substitute teacher log onto the zoom meeting, the district would hold “asynchronous days,” where students would have assignments given to them remotely to complete independently while teachers were in meetings. 

On the 6th and 7th of January Millikan held two of these independent days but this time teachers could not assign work. The purpose of these days were to give students some time to catch up on work that they had been behind on from the previous months.

I however was caught up on all of my work going into winter break, so I took these days as an opportunity to focus on mental health and enjoyed a slow start to the week. These days were beneficial for me, most students, and teachers as well. It gave teachers the opportunity to catch up on grades and lesson plans for the next few weeks. 


A representation of how some students feel about school. These stress relieving asynchronous days help to alleviate some of that stress

“The asynchronous day was amazing! It allowed me to plan out our next unit and update canvas for all of my classes. I was also able to make a big impact on my grading and returning emails to students and parents,” says AP World History teacher Gabriela Mercado.

There was another asynchronous day on January the 13th, but this was like one of the previous days where we were still required to do work and submit it to our teachers the same way we would if we were in class. This one was held because teachers had another training session on that day, where the previous ones this month on the 6th and 7th were held strictly for the purpose of allowing Millikan students to catch up on missing assignments.

At first I didn’t understand why the rest of the asynchronous days couldn’t all be the way the ones on the 6th and 7th were, but the district needs to have a certain amount of school days where attendance is taken and assignments are given, hence the assignments that are assigned even on school days without zoom meetings. Giving students assignments to do on asynchronous days gives the teachers a way to take roll, allowing the district to meet its hourly quota.

It is unfortunate that students can’t enjoy workless asynchronous days every time because giving students time to focus on catching up and improving their mental health without being so stressed about work is very important.

 “I believe that having one of these days (preferably once a week) or every other week would make a big difference on teachers and students’ stress levels. This school year has been challenging for all of us and we are all trying to cope with new technology and requirements, while still maintaining a positive, inviting atmosphere for our students,” adds Mrs. Mercado.

Because the district needs to meet a certain requirement of school days, we don’t know how many more of these stress relievers we will get, but I think it would be beneficial to everyone if we get at least one a month.