Behind The Music: Women Through the 80’s

Photo of The Go-Gos off their Spotify page

Photo of The Go-Go’s off their Spotify page

Emma Lloyd, Staff Reporter

Hey Rams! Welcome back to Behind the Music where I talk about the music, meanings, and artists from today and the past. In this issue, in honor of Women’s History Month, I’m going to explore the influence that women had in music in the 80’s. This is a very special issue. We’re going to get a direct quote from bestselling author of World in My Eyes, DJ, and radio personality, Richard Blade

Though there were a lot of groups with a female front, like The Motels, and Missing Persons, there was one band in particular that was all female and wrote their own music; The Go-Go’s

According to DJ, author, and radio personality Richard Blade, “It was hard for girl groups to be taken seriously, even when they had a fan base. In the case of The Go-Go’s, when they famously played eight sold-out shows at The Whisky in West Hollywood in 1980, they should have attracted a line of record scouts to the shows, eager to see what the fuss was all about.”

They were eager because female groups were not encouraged to write their own music. Most groups had little say over the lyrics and instrumentation. It was a huge change from what they were used to

“The biggest challenge for female groups was being taken seriously. For the longest time, women were not viewed as serious musicians and were mocked for playing ‘men’s instruments’ like the guitar,” says Blade.

SEGA junior Seri Gabriel says, “Women brought in new emotions and helped people today understand the music industry a little more.” 

When all this is brought into the light, even groups like The Supremes didn’t get to write their own music, yet the impact that they had in the late fifties through the sixties still leaves a mark today. In honor of Women’s History Month, we pay close attention to the way that these strong ladies have shaped our society as well as the historical figures that we have been learning about in our classes.

PHOTO BY: Emma Lloyd
(From left) Swedish Egil, Emma Lloyd, Richard Blade at the World in My Eyes book signing at Gatsby

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