Millikan’s Indoor Boys Soccer League

Photo by Sophie George: Picture of students playing soccer.

Photo by Sophie George: Picture of students playing soccer.

Sophie George, Staff Reporter

Did you know that Millikan has an indoor soccer league? The league has about 50 students that make up six teams. Mr. Zambrano and ASB created the indoor soccer league about ten years ago. They compete against other teams and take their sport very seriously. 

The soccer league is a spring sport here at Millikan. The teams meet on even days at lunch in the big gym. Unlike outdoor soccer and other sports, indoor soccer is not a class and it doesn’t take up a spot on your schedule. If you are interested in soccer, but don’t have the time, or you’re enrolled in another sport then this is perfect for you. This league attracts kids who are motivated to practice and get better at soccer whether they’re working towards going pro, making varsity soccer, or just trying to improve their skills.  

Indoor soccer is similar to outdoor soccer, but it has its own unique qualities. According to, the smaller field creates a fast paced game where every player has a lot of intense interaction with the ball. There are typically four-seven players per team, whereas outdoor soccer typically has 11. The game is a lot faster and more aggressive than outdoor soccer, requiring more skill and technique. 

Are you interested in joining? All you need is to be willing to have fun and understand the importance of exercise. Go to the big gym at lunch on an even day and talk to Mr. Zambrano about becoming a part of the league. “Our students are very passionate about their sport, in this case soccer,” says Mr. Zambrano, a Millikan Spanish teacher. If you’re looking to branch out and become more involved in soccer, then give indoor soccer a try!