Coppenger Is Back


PHOTO COURTESY OF: Mr. Coppenger doing what he loves.

Tere Quezada, Staff Reporter

Millikan Alumni, Scott Coppenger, is excited to be back at Millikan, but now as a teacher! Although he is part of the MBA program, any student no matter the pathway or grade can sign up for his classes. and teaches his true passion, art and photography.

When Coppenger was younger, his father, a photography teacher at Cerritos College, introduced him to photography. Coppenger shared his most memorable photography experiences with his dad, like assisting his dad at wedding shoots in the fourth and fifth grade.

“The most vivid memory I have is when I was in third grade, my dad took me out of school and took me up to LA to the Ansel Adams exhibit. It blew my mind. I had no idea that photos could be that beautiful. Seeing the work in real life is nothing like seeing books or online or posters, but seeing the real prints was breathtaking,” Coppenger expressed.

They often explored art together, which made his love for it stronger. Coppenger holds these vivid memories that made his love for photography deeper. Through his life, his passion grew with him as he explored the branches of photography. By allowing himself to explore endlessly, it opened up many doors.

PHOTO COURTESY OF Mr. Coppenger: The dark room where photos are developed.

“I tried a lot of different photo related careers. I did some portraiture. I did some advertising work and some architectural stuff. I did shoot for some weddings, and I just never was able to find anything that I was passionate about doing,” said Coppenger.

Unsure of his next steps Coppenger decided to speak to his dad. His father, being a photography teacher, encouraged him to try teaching.

He decided to go back to school and got his teaching credential at California State University Sacramento, and by 2009 he started teaching photography. He emphasized that he loves what he does and transmits all the amazing knowledge he has to his students.

He encourages all students to sign up for his class and join the photo club. Students learn creative problem solving and photography basics. He hopes more students will join his classes this upcoming year.