I’m Ready to be Done with the iReady


Sophie Bright

By Sophie Bright
Feature Page and Copy Editor

iReady tests, made to torture students. Here we have yet another Math and Reading assessment that is to be conducted every single quarter. 

Approximately 83% of students have voiced that they dislike  these exams. Personally I dislike these exams, but I feel that these tests are better than any other benchmark test that have been conducted in the past, like the SBAC and PSAT. 

I have always dreaded SBAC week and it just overall insured a lot of stress and anxiety. 

Intervention Coordinator and part of the iReady team here at Millikan, Dithmar Rualo stated that the reason for these exams was essentially because it is a district mandate. 

“We need a baseline and we are very concerned about how people are doing with their Math and English proficiencies.” He stated.

The iReady exams were not necessarily helpful at least to me, and were honestly a waste of time and unuseful, but they were more relaxed and easygoing than other benchmark exams.

11th grade COMPASS English teacher, Jason Wilson shared his opinions on the iReady exams. He states, “Initially, bad idea.” He then continued, “After going through it I thought, it’s probably the most useful of all the tests that we force [students] to take because knowing what grade level you’re reading at seems to me very important.” 

Wilson followed this statement by saying how it was beneficial for him as a teacher to know what level his students were reading. He said that now he can then relay that information back into how he operates class.

This exam is easier and less intense than the SBAC or other previous benchmark exams that we take, but they also are more focused on students just doing their best and not getting stressed  over the questions. 

For example, the browser automatically takes test takers to videos  entitled “Brain Breaks” at certain checkpoints of the test. This is a huge step in these test taking browsers and it’s incredible that this test saw that it was important to add this to their browser.

An example of brain breaks that take place periodically during the iReady exams.

To others the iReady tests were not their favorite to say the least. Yael Karni, an Algebra 1 and FST teacher stated her opinion on these tests, “I get the need to have something that is a really good measure of where our students are at, I just think the timing was not right, and I think it just added a lot of stress in an already stressful situation [the beginning of the school year].”

Other students seemed to agree with Karni’s statement and how it just wasn’t a good time for this test to be held. 

In a poll conducted about students’ feelings on these Math and Reading exams 345 students out of 413 said that they did not like these exams and felt as if they were “boring” and  “took too long.” Many other students said that it made them feel down and upset when they didn’t score high. 

To summarize, the iReady Math and English exams are honestly just a waste of time and unbeneficial for teachers’ lessons and curriculum, as well as students’ well-being.