What is Marvel Phase 4?


Elijah Williams

By Elijah Williams
Athletics Editor

 Now that Marvel Phase Three is over, Marvel is introducing Phase Four . What is Phase Four? It is a group of films that tells a story about Marvel’s characters based on their comic book story lines that might add something new such as the characters, villains, story lines, and backgrounds of the heroes. A phase of Marvel movies is a set of movies that tell a cohesive story about Marvel superheroes and their journeys.

 The heroes like Iron-Man, Captain America and the old Avengers pass on the torch to Shang Chi, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are the new heroes. This lineup for Phase four movies is set to be released between 2021-2023. At the first two Avengers movies at the end, viewers are introduced to Thanos that set up the ending of Phrases one to three or on the collection the Infinity Saga.

Some movie releases were delayed because of COVID.  Black Widow was supposed to release in May 2020 but  has been delayed three times in the past few months. Now it will be released in July 2021 on Disney+.


Pitcture is shown of the Promotional Line-up of Marvel Studios Phase 4

Mandolin Duron, a COMPASS 11th grader states, “I am a huge Marvel fan! I was first introduced to it by the 2008 Iron Man movie. The phase four line up has got me pumped up and excited, but I will really miss the original Avengers. It’s still crazy to me how we will most likely never see a movie with all of them together again.”

Some of the Marvel movies releasing in 2021 are Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Shang-Chi and the Legend Ten Rings: which is a Kung Fu movie following the story Shang-Chi,who is forced  to confront his past as he is being drawn closer to the Ten Rings; Eternals: a group of immortal aliens reunite after seven thousand years to protect humanity from evil; and Spider-Man:No Way Home continuation of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies. 

Matthew Garcia, a SEGA Freshman states, “I think the Phase four lineup looks great. I am excited to see what new villains, and teams Marvel are going to bring in Phase Four and lead into Phase Five.”