Spectating on Sports


Hailey Rice

By Hailey Rice
Staff Reporter

Schools are cutting down on the amount of people who can watch student athletes play sports. High school sports have always been a significant source of excitement. Spectators look forward to flooding the stands to come watch their friends or family play, COVID has changed the way we do this. 

It varies from school to school, but most have restricted the quantity of viewers to only two family members per player. This has the potential to be a source of conflict because some players have many family members. If a player’s guardians want to come, it is possible that their siblings will not be allowed in to watch them.

PHOTO COURTESY of Zoey Galindo 9th grade Peace Student:

Socially distanced spectators at Baseball Game Millikan Fresh/soph vs. Wilson Fresh/soph

 Alexandra (Lexi) Garbiero, a COMPASS 11th grade student says, “For dance we normally have our big show but that is going to have to be modified. If we are able to do some type of showing it will be sad because my little sister most likely won’t be able to come.”

Luckily, there are alternative options to watching the games. Schools are live streaming the games on multiple different social media platforms. There is also an app called Game Changer that follows sports games, showing the plays, the score, etc. This app is available on all devices. 

Playing sports during COVID is definitely a tough situation, but it can be a blessing and a curse. Since less people and only some people apart of your family are allowed to watch you, there is not as much pressure. 

 Lela Asi, an MBA 9th grade student states, “I kind of like not being allowed more than two people, it’s less pressure on me when my whole family isnt there.” 

Although watching athletes play is restricted, there is still a bright side to every situation. Hopefully in the next few years, athletes’ full families can watch them in person.