“A Touch of Disney” Event Sends Disney Lovers Dancing Back to the Parks


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Emma Sharman

By Emma Sharman

The Happiest Place on Earth is set to begin a phased reopening of both the Disneyland and California Adventure parks starting on April 30. Even before this, however, California Adventure had been open for one month to a very limited quantity of people in the form of an event titled “A Touch of Disney.” 

The event “could be viewed as a test run or a soft reopening,” according to The New York Times, and ran from March 18 until April 19.

The tickets to attend were $75 each. One ticket would grant you entrance to California Adventure, parking, and a voucher for $25 worth of food and beverage samples (with the exception of alcoholic beverages). Temporary food carts had been established throughout the park, with each one providing its own variety of food and drink samples. Rides were running for maintenance and show, but could not be ridden by guests. 


Pictured is Emma Sharman and family enjoying themselves in front of Carthay Circle at A Touch of Disney.

Most of the ordering of food or drink items had to be done mobily using the guests’ smartphone in order to avoid crowding and gathering in lines. This was both for efficiency and COVID safety.

The response to this test-run/soft opening for the theme parks has been mixed. 

“I think it would be nice to see Disneyland open its doors again.” says PEACE sophomore Ricardo Arredondo. 

COMPASS junior Maile Mireles shares a similar perspective, stating “I’m glad Disneyland is reopening because a lot of people enjoy going as a family outing to relax.”

On the other hand, some students are concerned that opening the doors to theme parks will cause an increase in COVID-19 numbers. Such is the case for COMPASS senior Ian Sepko, who says “I don’t think any amusement park should open up yet.”

In addition to this, most of the stores throughout the park were open for shopping. Two restaurants— Lamplight on Pixar Pier and Carthay Circle— were offering reservations for sit-down meals that could be made in advance, which sold out almost immediately. Costumed Disney/Pixar characters also waved to attendees from a significantly over a 6-foot distance in some areas of the park, and guests also enjoyed the interactive photo spots.

LA Magazine described the event as “a hybrid of the park’s Food and Wine Festival and a walking tour of California Adventure.”