COVID-19 Vaccines: How to Register and What to Expect


Paris Blanco

By Paris Blanco

After April 15, 2021, all California residents aged 16 and older were deemed eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines. This marks the second date within California’s aged based vaccination rollout (following the age 50 and up eligibility on April 1). 

The primary way vaccine appointments are scheduled in California is through the government’s My Turn website. This service allows for any California resident to find a vaccination site in their given area. From there, users can check the availability of their chosen site. However, for specific vaccination sites users will be redirected to schedule an appointment with that location directly. All teenagers under 18 will need parent or guardian permission and presence to get vaccinated. 

According to Governor Newsom’s announcement on April 15, “Today’s vaccine eligibility expansion is a major milestone in our state’s fight against the pandemic and another step on the path to reopening fully in the coming months. California will need all hands on deck to keep up this progress, and I encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”


Above is an announcement released by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health outlining the vaccination requirements for those who are 16 and older. 

Most vaccination sites have the option of a walk-up or drive-through administration. With a walk-up, you will have to exit your car in order to receive the vaccination. On the other hand, with drive-up, the vaccine is administered to you while you are in the car. Vaccination sites advise that you remain at the site for at least 15 minutes in order to monitor for any allergic reactions or complications. All vaccine recipients will also receive a vaccine card as documentation of which doses they have been given. 

SEGA senior Tasos Lilis (17) states, “My vaccination experience was very easy and organized and it did not take very long. After receiving the first dose, my arm only hurt for a day.”

“The COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most important tools we have available to end the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Long Beach Government Media Relations Rep, Jennifer De Prez, “The vaccines are safe, free of charge, and will prevent severe illness and death. No health insurance is needed. All vaccines underwent careful testing, received an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA, and are closely monitored for any rare adverse side effects.”