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The Cutting Board

Photo courtesy of Vincent Madden. This photo depicts some of the crew making sandwiches to donate.

New to Millikan this year is the very exciting, especially scrumptious, Sandwich Club. This club was started this year by QUEST juniors Vincent Madden, Kaden Serdengecti, and PEACE senior Darren Satterfield. This creative idea came to mind in hopes to create something new and unique. With the help of Mrs. Cruz, the teacher supervisor in room 415, they made it happen.

“Well I was not BREADY for this ridiculousness, but then as the year started I’ve really been on a ROLL,” says the very enthusiastic and humorous Mrs. Cruz.

The club meets once a month in Ms. Cruz’s room on Thursdays. As a member of the club, I have shown up to enjoy all the fun puns and free sandwiches that the club offers. It is a great experience and fun way to meet new people.

Photo courtesy of Vincent Madden. Photo of the Sandwich Club founders.

“We do a lot of ridiculous things in this club, but we really are just trying to get everyone to love sandwiches just as much as we do,” said Madden.

This club is not just for laughs and giggles. This honorable club has also held a donations drive where the group worked together to raise money for people in need. They were able to raise up to $120 and they went to the Ronald McDonald House to make and deliver the sandwiches for families staying close to their children battling serious illnesses in the hospital next door.

If all goes well, this club will continue in following years and it is definitely one that you should consider signing up for. 

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Arianna Garcia
Arianna Garcia, Social Media Editor
Hello, my name is Arianna Garcia and I am a 10th grader in Quest.  My pronouns are she/her. Outside of school I enjoy going out into nature, traveling to different parts of Mexico, watching baseball, and taking care of younger children. I joined the Millikan Corydon because I love writing and was interested in keeping my fellow classmates updated and aware of any new information that could possibly effect them.I would like to think I am a dedicated student and am looking forward to adding more insight to this wonderful website.

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  • G

    Grace CozattMay 23, 2024 at 11:29 am

    This article details a new club at Millikan based in humor, humanity, and a love for sandwiches. The article was a very light read and informative. Garcia did a great job showing how even though Sandwich Club is a bit funny, they also do some good for the community as well. I hope this article can bring new people to the club for years to come, so they can raise even more money in the future. From my own observations, I have seen the Sandwich Club become so widespread through the QUEST community. Even if you are not in the Sandwich Club, you know someone who is. I wish the article talked about some more of the fun stuff the club has to offer, like their merchandise and their podcast. The writing was very accessible to the audience and gave clear description of the club. I quite enjoyed reading this article and spreading word about different parts in the Millikan world. The article was great and informative.

  • A

    Adrian PortilloMay 21, 2024 at 1:28 pm

    On May 6, 2024 Arianna Garcia wrote an Article entitled “The cutting Board”. I really enjoyed reading this article because it expresses the way clubs come together as one. Garcia did an outstanding job interviewing the people that started this journey about the club. The Sandwich club is not just for making sandwiches, they also “hold a donations drive where the group worked together to raise money for people in need.” Gracia shows how this club can be really fun and enjoyable to be in. It’s a really good thing the Sandwich club welcomes anyone that is any program to join in and be part of the club. I really like how they thank the teacher that is part of the club, Mrs. Cruz since she’s the one that made it possible to create this club in the first place. Overall, Garcia did a great job publishing this article with the information she had from everyone she interviewed.

  • B

    Benjamin CholicoMay 21, 2024 at 1:25 pm

    On May 6, 2024, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “The Cutting Board” where she discusses the Millikan Sandwich Club. Started by Vince Madden, a junior in Quest, where members of the club make delicious treats in hope of raising donations for the Ronald McDonald families. In the article, Arianna discusses the process of how the Sandwich club came to be at Millikan. According to Ms.Garcia, Vince Madden approached Kaden Serengetti and Darren Saterfield with the idea of starting something special. Something that would bring the Millikan community together through something everyone can relate to. Eating tons of food. With the establishment of the Sandwich club, the boys were able to raise $120 that was donated to help feed families in need and families that don’t have nutritious access to food.
    Sandwich club has opened new doors for Millikan students to help come together and make a difference in their community, one sandwich at a time.


    Benjamin Cholico

  • H

    Harrison BruechertMay 21, 2024 at 1:14 pm

    On May 6, 2024, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “The Cutting Board”. The humorous tone of this article grasps at the concept of “The Sandwich Club”, an innovative and new club that threatens to spread the endearing promise of sandwiches. Garcia focuses on the founding and compromising members of the Sandwich Club, and argues for the importance of the clubs existence. Garcia reinforces this positive notion through an energetic attempt to provide details of teh clubs achievements. “They were able to raise up to $120 and they went to the Ronald McDonald House to make and deliver the sandwiches for families…”, said Garcia. Overall, the humorous article praises the club and hopes to elicit a positive response towards the club’s entrance into the Millikan scene. As Ms. Cruz, the supportive teacher supervisor, said: Sandwich Club has “really been on a ROLL”. Putting aside this club’s possible closure, I am excited to see where the club goes in the future.

  • E

    Elizabeth TorresMay 21, 2024 at 11:32 am

    The article explained the 2023 to 2024 school year’s new club, the Millikan Sandwich Club. The Sandwich Club was opened by fellow QUEST juniors Vincent Madden, Kaden Serdengecti, and PEACE senior Darren Satterfield. The article informed the Millikan public of the club’s achievements and goals. They meet once a month, every Thursday in Ms. Cruz’s room, most meetings just involve giving free sandwiches to club members and allowing them to meet new people. However, Garcias honored the club’s achievements in fundraising for good causes, including their $120 fundraiser where they went to the Ronald McDonald House to deliver sandwiches to families staying close to their children who are battling serious illnesses in the hospital right next door.
    Nevertheless, I admire the lighthearted appeal to the audience Garcia creates in her article. Garcia talked to the host sponsor, Ms. Cruz, and included her ironic take on the club. “Well I was not BREADY for this ridiculousness, but then as the year started I’ve really been on a ROLL.” Including puns is a part of the club and just humorously engages the audience. Even Madden claimed there are “a lot of ridiculous things in this club.” Overall, the article was a lively read and drew the attention of people like me who know the creators well.

  • F

    Finn BenitzMay 21, 2024 at 11:21 am

    In this article, I enjoyed the comedic tone that reveals what the club is about. I also thought it was well-formatted how the article also added the initiatives the club has taken to help others. By doing this, the reader finds out the important information regarding the club, encouraging them to join the cause. I would have liked to find out how to further support the club (i.e. donations or purchasing merch). This way, the reader may feel more inclined to aid the club financially. Furthermore, I’m curious about the club’s future plans regarding helping the community. Also, what are the social media accounts people can access to keep more in touch with club updates? Overall, I really enjoyed reading about the club’s history and its hopeful future. The article was informational and intriguing considering the thorough writing and the captivating concept. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this fantastic club.


    Finn Benitz

  • E

    Eileen VuongMay 21, 2024 at 11:12 am

    This article is very well-written and precise. As she is a member of the club, Garcia’s diction and syntax choices directly intend to advertise the club. She highlights what she enjoys and experiences within the club which directly provides her personal feedback regarding the club. Garcia brings a positive light to the Sandwich Club through the establishment of the club to its accomplishments. This includes the mention of Sandwich Club’s honorable action of donating to the Ronald McDonald House, appealing that this club has both a light-hearted yet meaningful cause. Garcia does a great job through her diction, depicting the club in a praiseful tone.
    As I’ve seen numerous Sandwich Club’s promoting outreach, I am interested to see and hear about the development of this club in the next few years. I find it very intriguing that Sandwich Club uses advertising methods that strongly appeal to high school students which makes their club a nice presence to have. I’ve personally never gone to this club before because I lead another club on the same day, however, I enjoy hearing their accomplishments and the purpose they uphold.

  • V

    Vincent MaddenMay 21, 2024 at 10:00 am

    Being at the head and heart of Sandwich Club, reading this article brought a lot of joy and pride for the club my friends and I created. Garcia shows her credibility by stating her consistent membership of Sandwich Club, as well as her interviewing of multiple people involved within the club. I would have personally appreciated some insight from some members of the club, but overall the inclusion of quotes was a welcome addition. This article flows very nicely from starting at the beginning of the club to where it is now. Garcia’s writing portrays Sandwich Club for exactly what it is, a fun club all about sandwiches, and not taking itself too seriously. I also appreciate the mentions of the club’s charity work, as it shows that it is put towards a good cause, and not all just for laughs. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this article and appreciate the great work that Garcia did to bring it to life. Join Sandwich Club!

  • T

    Tere QuezadaMay 21, 2024 at 9:40 am

    In this article Garcia dives into the interesting mechanics of Millikan’s Sandwich Club. She does an amazing job with the structure of the piece. Garcia made sure to make the article clear and concise in order for the audience to grasp the work of this club.
    Garcia highlights the unity and teamwork that is necessary for the club’s success. With the partnership of Vincent Madden, Kaden Serdengecti, and Darren Satterfield and the help of Ms. Cruz the club has grown to be loved by many students.
    In this feature article, Garcia shares the work that the club does for the community. All together the club collected a total of $120 for the Ronald McDonald House, where they have volunteered. She interviewed Vincent Madden, one of the club organizers, who shares that the club is a space where there is an endless amount of laughter for all sandwich lovers.
    Garcia does a great job at gaining insight into the essence of the club. One thing that could have helped was interviewing the other club members and increasing the word count.
    Overall Garcia did an exceptional job in informing the public of this amazing club.

  • J

    Juliette MontielMay 21, 2024 at 9:21 am

    This article does very well to advertise the Millikan Sandwich Club and explain details about the club and how to attend. The addition of insight into the club’s presidents is very helpful and makes the article more personal. It is evident that the club’s presidents are very passionate about the club and what they’re doing. I admire the sense of community that that club is actively trying to cultivate not only through sandwiches but through gathering and charity.
    I know the club has made merchandise available to club members, and I think it would be helpful to hear about that aspect of the club and what they’re looking to do with their profits. I also follow their Instagram, so I think adding information about the club’s social media presence would enhance the article.
    This article portrays the club in an admirable light and presents it as a fun way to gather and laugh at Millikan. Kudos to the writer for a well-written article.

  • K

    Kaden SerdengectiMay 21, 2024 at 9:15 am

    Garcia’s article was well-written and easy to read. She used clear sentences that included complex vocabulary terms that made the article seem professional. The logical organization of her piece made sense and therefore contributed to ease of reading. The creative use of puns and humorous statements made the article fun and unique. Using personal statements from the club leaders established credibility.
    Garcia is personally involved in the story as she is a loyal member of the club showing her commitment to her writing and gathering the full story. It was nice that she included some of the club’s achievements such as raising money and creating sandwiches. These sandwiches were then delivered to the Ronald McDonald House an honorable cause. The call to action at the end of the article encourages others to join the club. Garcia choosing to feature a club that is not as well-known as others therefore demonstrating the diverse set of options that future Millikan students can explore.

  • A

    andrew oumMay 20, 2024 at 7:07 pm

    On May 6, 2024, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “The Cutting Board”. I enjoyed reading this article and I believe it is very informative in talking about this special club. This article is very sequential and allows for ease of read for the viewer. Starting from the beginning, Garcia talks about the founders of the club and the home teacher. After, the quote from teacher supervisor Mrs. Cruz was a funny addition and brought some humour to the article. Later, Garcia speaks on some of the activities the club does, such as the Ronald McDonald House fundraiser. Reading about their contributions was very sweet and I hope the club can continue to provide charity to the impoverished. As a member of the club, it was cool reading about the club and the services we try to provide. Leaders Kaden, Darren, and Vince have started a great club and I am glad this article has provided a spotlight and the great deeds they are doing for the community.

  • F

    Francesca AcostaMay 20, 2024 at 11:08 am

    This detailed article explaining Millikan’s new Sandwich Club is very engaging and truly captures the essence of the amusing club. With the addition of jokes coming straight from the teacher advisor and the in-depth description of how puns make its way into club meetings, Garcia demonstrates how light-hearted and enjoyable this club can be. Garcia being a frequent member of the club, gives her writing and analysis more credibility as she has experienced what she explains to her audience. It truly highlights the best and most interesting parts of the club and may be enticing to an audience of students who are looking to join.
    This piece also demonstrates the contrast of the simplicity and complexity of the club; how it’s all about sharing their love of sandwiches while also making a difference in their community. The flow of the piece is easy to follow as it guides the reader using inserts of quotes from important members. Adding more pictures or discussion of meeting details could provide a deeper understanding of the club for potential members.