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The Uprising of Gun Violence

Photo of Gun Violence Protester courtesy of Pexels

Over the past few years, gun violence has only increased. On Apr. 5, 2024, amid Spring Break, hundreds of families shopping at Los Cerritos Mall faced their fears. An exchange of gunfire containing three armed suspects and officers took place in Nordstrom and the parking lot. 

Around 4 p.m. on Apr. 5th, an exchange of gunfire occurred in the parking lot of the Cerritos Mall. When police arrived at the scene, two suspects had fled and were later apprehended in Pico Rivera. ABC7 reports that the third suspect exited the mall and ran through the parking lot, pulling out a firearm, which is when shots were fired by both the officers and the suspect. The third suspect was wounded and later pronounced dead at the hospital. Luckily, no other people were injured. For the following days, crime scene tape and security guards lined the entrances of the mall, still allowing customers to shop but increasing their safety measurements. 

Photo of Cerritos Mall Entrance (Makayla Brown)

An anonymous Millikan student who went to the Cerritos Mall on Apr. 6, the day after the accident occurred, stated that “Unaccompanied teenagers were not allowed alone and more officers lined the entrances and exits of the mall checking bags.”

While it may seem correct to some individuals to implement heavy safety measures after an armed incident, what security do malls already have to prevent dangerous situations? In an attempt to contact Cerritos Mall Information Center, Security, and Management, no response was given to support anything related to the exchange of gunfire or the updated security since the incident. This raises the question of whether or not large facilities such as malls and schools should be checking bags and full body scanning before entrance.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Recent data suggest continued upward trends in school shootings, school mass shootings, and related deaths over the past 5 years.” Apr. 20, 2024, marks 25 years since the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre, a shooting and attempted bombing by two twelfth-grade students. This was the deadliest mass shooting at a K-12 school in U.S. history until the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Dec. 2012 and the Uvalde School Shooting in May 2022.

 As always, use the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System to submit secure, anonymous safety concerns to help someone who may hurt themselves or others.

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Brina Sastyangkul
Brina Sastyangkul, Staff Reporter
Hi everyone, my name is Brina Sastyangkul (she/her), I am a QUEST sophomore new to the Corydon. I love reading and playing tennis in my free time and I hope to make a big impact on the Millikan newspaper this year!

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  • A

    Arianna GarciaMay 21, 2024 at 1:25 pm

    On May 21, 2024, Brina Sastyangkul wrote an article titled, “The Uprising of Gun Violence.” This was a news article that discussed how gun violence has increased in more recent years. She included one of the most recent shootings which was located at the Cerritos Mall in the evening. I myself was at the mall during the time of this shooting and it was definitley a very frightening situation. I found this article very insightful. Brina did a very good job at providing the important details and connecting one event to a global struggle. She was also able to handle a very touchy subject very maturely to spread awareness. The conclusion included the “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System” which I believe is very important for any story that discusses something that can be triggering. Overall, Brina is an amazing writer that was able to stay professional, but the only thing I would have liked in this article are more statistics to show how the shootings have experienced.

  • A

    Amie SotoMay 21, 2024 at 8:28 am

    On May 8,2024, Brina Sastyangkul wrote an article titled “The uprising of Gun Violence” In this piece Brina has done an exceptional job of presenting a deeply concerning issue with clarity, detail, and a thoughtful analysis of the broader implications. By providing a detailed account of the incident at Los Cerritos Mall, Sastyangkul brings attention to the alarming reality of gun violence in public spaces, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to ensure public safety. Moreover, the inclusion of eyewitness accounts adds a human element to the story, highlighting the impact of such incidents on individuals within the community.

    Additionally, Brina skillfully draws connections to larger patterns of violence, such as school shootings, effectively connecting the incident within a broader societal context. By referencing past events like the Columbine High School Massacre and providing data on trends in school shootings, she brings attention to the urgency of addressing this inescapable issue. Furthermore, her exploration of potential security measures, such as bag checks and body scanning, prompts people to consider the balance between safety and personal freedoms in public spaces.

    Overall, Brina’s comprehensive and thoughtful approach to reporting on this issue demonstrates a commitment to informing the public and fostering meaningful dialogue around solutions to gun violence. Their attention to detail, inclusion of diverse perspectives, and insightful analysis contribute to a well-rounded and impactful article.

  • H

    Hana WordMay 20, 2024 at 2:40 pm

    On May 8th, 2024, Brina Sastyangkul a Millikan staff reporter wrote an article titled “The Uprising of Gun Violence”. This article focuses on how gun violence has gone past news headlines and stories you hear on the radio but is now only a couple of cities away, at the Cerritos Mall. The popular shopping center for families and teenagers became home to the “exchange of gunfire containing three armed suspects and officers that took place in Nordstrom and the parking lot.” on April 5th. Ever since the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre, gun violence hasn’t diminished, in 2012, 26 people, children, and staff members were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are many contributors to gun violence one being regulations on owning weapons and the legal age. The shooting at the Cerritos Mall was a wake-up call to many that armed violence is still a pressing issue. One Millikan student who was at the Cerritos Mall on the day of the incident said, “More officers lined the entrances and exits of the mall checking bags.” Solutions like extra security and checking bags have been implemented in popular spaces like schools, malls, and events. For years the rate of arms-related violence has increased, story after story, more innocent people die. Firearms need to be regulated and controlled.

  • A

    Alex MalleisMay 20, 2024 at 9:21 am

    On May 8, 2024, Brina Sastyangkul wrote an article titled “The uprising of Gun Violence”. This article was a very good read. I was unaware of the shooting that had occurred at the mall. I like how at the end of the article you provided a link to the anonymous report system. I also liked how you tried to get a comment from the mall itself. The past couple years the news has been filled with gun violence stories so to see that one happened so close was interesting to read about. The addition of including data talk into your writing was a nice touch to better the article. I thought it was cool that you found a millikan student who was there and included what they had to say about the scary shooting situation. This article is very well written, easy to follow, and filled with good information.