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Boys Basketball’s Rocky Season

Photo of the varsity team playing a game.
Arianna Orozco
Photo of the varsity team playing a game.

The Millikan’s varsity boys basketball team has had a rough start to their season, however, many players were spotlighted with substantial achievements. They are currently ranked sixth in the Moore League and have had a 24% win rate compared to their 44% in the 22-23 winter season.

They kicked their season off on Nov. 13, 2023, with a loss against Tesoro High School finishing with a score of 63-38. They had a second loss against Mayfair High School but came back to beat Rancho Dominguez in a close game of 65-62. 

The Rams came back to the court this season losing multiple of their star players as they graduated in 2023. These hard-working boys have lost 16 of their 21 games but won against El Segundo, Carson, Rancho Dominguez, Legacy, and Compton. Although their season has not gone as expected, they still have plenty of games left to improve. Their last game of the season is a home game and will take place on Feb. 1, 2023, against Long Beach Poly at 7:00 p.m.

Photo of a basketball in Millikan’s gym

Dylan Williams, a sophomore in QUEST and a player on the boy’s basketball team said, “Despite setbacks, we are still working towards making it to the playoffs.” Playoffs will be taking place sometime in February. 

Coach Boyer confirmed that playoffs may still be on the books for our boy’s basketball varsity team.

“There’s still a chance if we win games in the second round of Moore League that kicks off tonight [Jan. 17, 2024] at Jordan,” said Boyer.

SEGA Senior Ben Eliott and a small forward on the team said, “We are working to play better defense to hopefully give us a better shot at moving forward.”

If you would like to support these Rams, make sure to show up to one of the three home games left which take place on Jan. 30, and Feb. 1 for a fee of five dollars with student ID.

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Arianna Garcia, Social Media Editor
Hello, my name is Arianna Garcia and I am a 10th grader in Quest.  My pronouns are she/her. Outside of school I enjoy going out into nature, traveling to different parts of Mexico, watching baseball, and taking care of younger children. I joined the Millikan Corydon because I love writing and was interested in keeping my fellow classmates updated and aware of any new information that could possibly effect them.I would like to think I am a dedicated student and am looking forward to adding more insight to this wonderful website.

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  • S

    Stacey McLeanFeb 29, 2024 at 11:30 am

    On January 29th, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “Boys Basketball’s Rocky Season”. The article highlights how our boys’ basketball team has started along a rough path at the start of the season. Although hopeful thoughts for the season are stated in the article, we now know that these hopes didn’t come true as our team didn’t make it to the playoffs. Despite this information, the article highlights two separate players from both SEGA and QUEST which uses multiple perspectives and shows what the players themselves think of the 2023-2024 season as a whole. I have never been to one of our basketball games, but this article inspired me to check one out next year. The author also includes the price of tickets for each game, and uses the conclusion of the article to persuade students to attend to create a positive atmosphere for our athletes.

  • D

    Diego CastiloFeb 14, 2024 at 9:15 am

    On January 29th, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “Boys Basketball’s Rocky Season”. The article highlighted the slow start to the season for our school’s basketball team. Now that the season has come to an end, we now know that much of the hope that was written into the article didn’t come to fruition. Despite this, the article highlights 2 players and the coach’s perspective of the hope this team had and the attitude they had towards playing the game. It is a rough way to end for our senior players, but there is good that is yet to come and there is hope for a better season next year. Having been to many of the games myself, I could see that there was a passion among the team and it was really great to see our team play so well and keep games close. With better luck next year, those tight losses will become wins and we will be back in the playoffs.

  • T

    Tere QuezadaFeb 14, 2024 at 9:14 am

    On January 24, 2024, Arianna Garcia, the Copy Editor wrote “Boys Basketball’s Rocky Season.” In this article Garcia writes about the challenging season that the Millikan’s boys basketball team has had.
    Garcia does an amazing job explaining and including statistics from the previous games. She discusses the immense challenges that they have faced while also acknowledging their efforts to increase their performance at games. By including the names of all the schools the team has played against she demonstrates to her readers that she has done proper research, establishing ethos.
    Garcia includes the comments of varsity players and Coach Boyer. She does an amazing job by embodying the hope that both the team and coaches have for a better season. I believe that Arianna did a great job with this article but one thing that could improve is the length of her story. It might be interesting to incorporate a few more comments from players or from students who have attended games.


    Tere Quezada

  • L

    LucasFeb 13, 2024 at 10:56 am

    On January 29, 2024, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “Boys Basketball’s Rocky Season”. This sports article dives very well into the ups of highlights and downs of losses to express Millikan’s Boys Basketball’s season. The article covers both how the season progressed and also how it compared to the previous seasons here at Millikan, in order to establish multiple perspectives. This, along with other specific facts throughout the article do a good job at informing the readers that couldn’t make it to the games, on how their team is doing. Which may also encourage more people to come and support the team at their games.
    Even though this is true the article is missing the perspective of a viewer during a game, which can be fixed through a short interview. This would provide another perspective to help readers to completely understand the team’s season and what it has in store for the future. However the article does not exactly require this perspective as interviews of the team have already been provided. Overall the article clearly describes the topic and throughout doing so gives several different perspectives to avoid bias.

  • J

    JudeFeb 13, 2024 at 9:13 am

    This article was very well written because of the way the author structured it. I liked how they first gave some examples of how the Boy’s Basketball season has had a rough start due to their multiple losses. The detail is also important. The author adds the scores for the games as well as some statistical data that compares their win percentage from this season to last season.
    I also enjoyed how the author added the reason why the team might be doing badly. They explain that the team has lost a significant amount of their starters from last year, making this a time for rebuilding and growing.
    Lastly, the author included multiple quotes from players on the team which really gives the reader an in depth look into how the boys plan on growing stronger and working on what needs to be worked on in order to make it to the playoffs. Overall, this was an excellent and informative article.