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College and Career Week

Mia Mireles
Photo of the inside the College and Career Center


Photo of the College and Career Center room number (Mia Mireles)

During the week of Oct. 16 – Oct. 20, Millikan hosted our annual College and Career Week. Like past years, this event consisted of a pull-up bar challenge from the Marines, professionals to talk to, and booths in the quad, but this year we also had the opportunity to go to the auditorium to hear from different professionals and their careers.  

Here’s how the week looked. On Day One, the College and Career Center hosted a workshop on “How To Network” at lunch. This focused on how to professionally present yourself. 

Day Two featured Chapman University helping students with their college applications in the College and Career Center

Days Three and Four held panel discussions about career journeys.

The panel discussion in the auditorium hosted different women in the workforce, such as Laura Higgins, a psychotherapist, Andrea Garcia, a QUEST alumni of 2014, and a data analyst, and Heather Lee, part of the Long Beach utilities department. 

There were four sessions of panels. They were on Wednesday and Thursday during periods 2, 4, 1, and 3. One of the panels felt very lowkey and under the radar, like most students weren’t aware of it. As it got closer to starting, more classes started to sit down and filled almost all of the middle section of the auditorium. Couches and chairs were on stage and a projector showed different college programs on the screen at the beginning of the discussion. 

The presenters shared the many struggles and obstacles they had to overcome with their career paths and even gave advice to the students on what to expect once they get their first job. Before closing the panel, the students had a chance to ask the presenters any questions. There were four sessions of panels. They were on Wednesday and Thursday during periods 2, 4, 1, and 3.

Also on Days 3 and 4 were the College and Career Fairs at lunch in the quad.

10th grade Modern World History teacher, Mrs. Alexander ran this event along with Ms. Sanchez, Millikan’s Pathway Coordinator. Alexander said, “My goal was to get as many colleges and careers on campus so kids can get exposed and get as many teachers as I can to share their experiences. “I wanted students to learn what opportunities are out there and know there isn’t the same path for everybody, you have to find what makes you happy,” she finished.

There were several booths set up on the quad. One of the most popular booths was the Marines, tons of students participated, and many students were seen asking for information about their careers and colleges they wanted to go to. Other booths like the Long Beach Junior Lifeguards, Long Beach Utilities, and the Los Angeles County Office of Education. These booths had all kinds of different accessories given to students like sunglasses and string bags. 

On Day Five, there was college trivia held in the center at lunch.

Overall this was another successful event held by Millikan’s College and Career Center!

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Jeremy Tokudomi, Social Media Editor
Hi! I'm Jeremy Tokudomi (He/Him). I'm a SEGA senior and this is my 3rd year in the Corydon! I’m also one of the social media editors! I enjoy voicing my opinion and I'm very glad to be a part of this paper!

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  • S

    Savannah MartinezNov 29, 2023 at 12:58 pm

    This article illustrates the week of October. 16 – October. 20, where Millikan hosted our annual College and Career Week. Tokudomi talked about the festivities that took place over the five days that gave the students very useful information regarding the questions of college and our future careers. Tokudomi uses specific examples to illustrate all the helpful information being given that week like the alumni conversations that were taken place, the pull-up bars that were a big hit among all the athletes, the booths that were all along the quad which students got to visit and ask questions, and the college trivia being held in the college and career center in chronological order by the days of the week.
    This article contains many interviews with teachers and the administrators that were involved in this campus event, Tokudomi does not include student interviews. I suggest that Tokudomi includes student interviews because I feel knowing the student perspective will give an honest opinion on how this week is most helpful towards them. This way, students will connect with the student interviewee.
    The question that I have is; why is only Chapman University holding a panel for students and not more universities? Although Tokudomi cannot directly answer this question, I think asking the person in charge of the event, can ask this question.
    All in all, Tokudomi does a great job in describing College and Career Week.

  • K

    Kennedy SmithNov 29, 2023 at 11:04 am

    This article highlights the event held at Millikan high school on days October 16-20 called, College and Career week. This event allows for students to start their journey of getting ready for their future. Tokudomi clearly explains the activities held on each day and the success of each one. I believe that this event is a huge advantage for Millikan students and was an educational but also fun activity for participants.
    Tokudomi presented the events that took place on each day, starting with day one which was a workshop called, “How to Network.” He explains that this day was all about learning how to present yourself in the most professional way. Day two was a day for students to get help from Chapman University with their college applications. Day three and four held times for students to have discussions about their future careers and how to get started. Lastly, day five was a fun activity of college trivia.
    College and Career Week seems to be a huge success at Millikan and a great opportunity for kids to get a head start on thinking about their future choices. Tokudomi explains that these activities opened the eyes of students and got them thinking about all of the different paths they can take. Presenters got to motivate students but also make them aware of real life problems that will happen in the future. This event has taken place for the last few years at Millikan and there are hopes it will continue!