Virtual Volunteering Opportunities to Visit


Isabella Talavera

By Isabella Talavera
Copy Editor

Millikan requires at least 40 service learning hours as a medallion requirement for each Pathway, but the pandemic has made regular volunteering and service learning difficult due to social distancing and other COVID-19 based restrictions. However, Millikan still requires service hours from this year’s seniors who haven’t completed their required hours. Despite the lack of in-person volunteering and services, there are always online opportunities to investigate if needed. 

VolunteerMatch lets members customize their preferences in order to find volunteering opportunities. It requires signing up for a free account via email and a zip code, but it allows users to tailor their interests and causes to their own liking. There are several causes to choose from, such as advocacy and human rights, crisis support, education, children and youth, and many more. Users can also select skills to fine-tune search results and discover what abilities are needed, from interpersonal ones like networking and project management to arts like drawing and painting. Searches take users anywhere they want, from their immediate city, county, or state. Both virtual and in-person opportunities are available and flexibility depends on the organization.

Websites such as VolunteerMatch let users filter content to find causes they are willing to volunteer and work for.

If searchers want to take their online work worldwide, United Nations Volunteers (UNV) is another option. There are already 12,000 volunteers per year participating from 187 countries. Opportunities include technology development, writing and editing, language translations, and COVID-19 responses that connect users to groups working towards peace and development. Both volunteers and organizations can register to help. This website also requires a free account signup. 

For students who have more specific interests, particular, albeit more complex, organizations and activities are always at the ready. Project Gutenberg is an all-volunteer organization that works on free e-books to create the largest digital library available, and volunteers can offer services as proofreaders, transcribers, or by donating materials. Additionally, like sections in the UNV(seen above) opportunity list, Translations Without Borders combines languages with humanitarian issues, crisis relief, and education around the world. Yet another, in this case for the cause of environmentalism, ZSL’s Instant Wild lets users scroll through videos and pictures featuring animals in different locations, and all it takes to help is click on an animal and try to identify what it is. 

There are even more specific causes, including computer work, tutoring, LGBTQ+ aid, crisis lines, arts and crafts, elderly and youth care, and many more. As long as students complete their required time and properly log their hours, they will receive credit. After all, helping and volunteering online is still one of many ways to help the community.