New year, a New look


Liana Ngauv

By Liana Ngauv
Web Editor

Recently, construction for the new track and football field has been completed with outstanding results. The project towards removing the past field and adding a whole new layout was motivated by CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) requirements. 

The field’s project opened around December of 2020. The construction started as early as January 2020.The budget was $8 million for the new weather track and field.  The project’s view was to remove the preexisting field and upgrade it to a new synthetic 400-meter track along with new installations, such as: new long jumps, pole vault ways and scoreboard.

This image depicts the new Millikan football field along with the track.

The track used to be solely dirt but the new track was replaced with a chic modern synthetic which is safer and simply looks nicer. The new track can also mean easier maintenance for cleaning/setting up for activities. As for the field, yard lines have been labeled along with the school’s logo to showcase Millikan pride. The scoreboard is brand new and sports the school’s colors; here’s also upgraded stadium lights.

However, the track isn’t the only new look for Millikan. The new 11000 building had finally finished construction that started in the fall of 2018. The building had replaced the old 700 building and relocated the soccer/softball fields.

A hallway in the new building.

Ritambhra Jain, an English PEACE teacher who now teaches in the new building, says, “The east facing brand new 11000 building at Millikan overlooks the expansive softball/tennis courts and gets the golden morning sunshine. The rooms are spacious and air-conditioned, there are beautiful trees all around and the bathrooms have soap and hand dryers.”

Jain continues, “All [it’s] missing are the wonderful Millikan students. We also have a gorgeous new football field and running track. It’s picture perfect, ready for you all to cheer on Millikan athletes and make Millikan memories.” 

The repainted scoreboard and track.