Sweet Messages From Millikan Students/Staff


Sophie Bright

By: Sophie Bright
Editorial Page Editor

Because of the current lockdown situation, Millikan students are not allowed on campus. We have missed out on many Millikan traditions such as Valentine Grams, a tradition where Millikan students can send sweet messages and some candy to a friend or significant other. This year, the Millikan Corydon staff have decided to dedicate a whole page to sweet Valentine’s messages… (The person receiving the shoutout is in bold, and the giver is in italics).

  • Leah Facterman, “Happy Valentine’s day to you Leah! You’re really cool! Rock on!,” From: Anonymous
  • Angie Berreondo, “Happy Valentine’s day,”From: Anonymous 
  • Liv Stewart-Burger, “Happy Valentine’s day <3,” From: Anonymous
  • Happy Valentines day to Kaitlyn Perez at Cabrillo High School, From Carlos Orozco
  • Mrs. Wood wants to shout out her husband Stephen Shaw: “Stephen, I want to thank you for always being supportive of the Millikan students, alumni students, teachers and staff. You always go out of your way to make everyone feel welcome in our world and to help out at school events. Not every husband would be willing to do that for all of us. Everyone that knows you smiles when I talk about you. You are much loved in this world and much loved by me. I love you.  #ifyourabirdimabird”
  • Tyler Carmona, “yo you be the best throwing partner in the biz!” from Anonymous
  • Addison Bond, “I love you gf,” From Emma Lawther
  • Happy Valentine’s day Gracie Sawday From Xander Mitton 
  • Xander Mitton would like to say Happy Valentine’s day to Katherine Van Ryn
  • Aniya Lewis wants to send a message to her best friends; Aliyah D., Kenadi C., Bethany S., Natalia C., Tru J. “I love and miss you guys dearly! Hopefully we all can be together soon or later 🙂 hope y’all are safe! Happy Galentine’s Day”
  • To Sadie Rick: “Thanks for being such a great friend and always listening to me rant!” From Emma Lloyd
  • Zoe-Jane Cardwell wants to say to Faith Pace: “I’m always here for you man. I love you dude :)”
  • Samantha Soria “Happy Valentine’s day thank you for being such a great friend,” from Ingrid Santizo 
  • Tymareon Atterberry, “Happy valentines day Ty I just wanted to show a little love. I hope you have an amazing day.” from Anonymous 


  • To Dillon Arnold, “I love you <3” Love Aarian Rogers 
  •  From Dallas Blackshire to Katheryne Van Ryn “Hi beb I love you very much and I hope you are doing good during all this stuff!”
  • Ashlyn Woolwine wants to shout out her old Best Buddies buddy, Aiden Quinn, “I miss you and I’m wishing you the best! You always make my day a little brighter :)”
  • Izzy Inguanzo, “Happy Valentines! Love you lots” from Jay Carr
  • Happy Valentine’s day to Emma Ashcraft from Madi Rascon 
  • Chanmony Nop, “I know you’re gonna be single forever so this is for you” from Sandy Kat
  • Shane Heiman, “I’m afraid of so many things. The future, the past, and everything in between, but the only thing I’ve never been afraid of is you. You’ve given me beliefs and ideas I wouldn’t have ever thought were true if it wasn’t for you. You’ve given me a peace that I haven’t felt before. Thank you. I’m glad we’re about to make it a year. I love you.” From Faith Pace 
  • Happy Valentine’s day Raymond Resendiz from Genevie Juarez
  • From Alex Womack to Maile Mireles “Happy Valentine’s day <3”
  • Cassidy Eyres, “Hey Cass, you’re such an amazing friend and the biggest goofball I know! I can’t believe that we have been friends for only 3 years because it feels like I’ve known you my whole life! I can’t wait to loiter at Johns with you in the future. Love you cutie <3” From Elizabeth Heuer
  • Amanda Osmond wants to say Happy Valentine’s day to Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Taylor
  • Shout out to Rachel Mirasol, “Happy Valentine’s day <3” from Christopher Rocha 
  •  Nate Popken, “I think your pretty cool and adorable, Happy Valentine’s day :)” from Mareli Sanchez
  • Happy Valentine’s day to Jake Ehuan and Gabriel Mack from Anonymous
  •  Cecillia Neff, “i love and miss you so much thank you for being my best friend<3” from Melanie Medina
  • To Malachi Brelin, “apple pie :)” from Anonymous 
  • Ashley Marcoccia, “I miss you, when quarantine is over I’m buying you twinkle toes and we are dressing like bratz dolls ily” from Niya Mariner
  • Happy Valentines day to Robert from Gabriel Mack “I love you”
  • Christian Duncan wants to say Happy Birthday to Joy Sugihara “Hope you had a great day”
  • Happy Valentines day from Hannah Grammer to Richard Mok “Happy Valentines darling, I love you <3 forever and always”
  • Sofia Davis wants to shout out Kayla Webb, “I love you Kayla I hope you’re doing well and have a nice day :D”