Lily Romero Swings Her Way to James Madison University


Elijah Williams

Elijah Williams
Athletics Editor

Covid has changed a lot of people’s social life, especially people who love playing sports.   Many people have long-term goals to succeed in sports. But athletics-related goals have been difficult to achieve in recent months because of Covid-19. Before Covid-19, QUEST Senior softball player Lily Romero dedicated much of her time to athletics. She has been in love with the sport since she was 6 years old, and is currently a catcher and outfielder for USA Athletics

Romero’s college plans revolve around playing softball at James Madison University in Virginia, though she states that this was not always her plan. According to Romero, “I never really had a specific school that I knew for sure I wanted to play at. But the assistant coach reached out to me and we began getting to know each other at the beginning of my junior year.” 

Romero explains “the doubts and struggles she experienced during her college decision process, stating that”, “The process of committing was long and stressful. I constantly doubted that I [would] find a school that wanted me as much as I wanted them, and as more of my friends began committing I felt a little more pressure…” she continues, “But I just kept practicing every day and I sent so many emails and videos to so many coaches…when it came to JMU though, the decision was easy.”

In regards to her goals, Romero is approaching JMU with much ambition, stating that, “My goals for my first year at JMU are to prove myself as a leader and a valuable player. I plan to work harder than I have before to earn my spot on the starting roster.”

Furthermore, Romero attributes her inspiration within softball to her teammates. “For me, my teammates are my family and best friends,” says Romero, “We push each other to be better every single day and we all want the same success for one another. We are competitive and fighting for spots, but at the same time we are making each other better people and players. They really do inspire me to be the best that I can.” 

As for her future campus life at JMU, Romero cannot choose just one thing that sparks her excitement. She states, “The question should really be what am I not excited about! I can’t wait to meet new people and walk such a beautiful and huge campus everyday. I am also so excited to experience the true four seasons there.” 

All in all, Lily Romero has a bright future ahead of her at James Madison University. Reminiscing on her commitment to the college Romero says, “When they reached out to me offering me a spot on their team I never felt happier.” 


Pictured above is Lily Romero in her element as catcher. She’s doing what she loves most- playing softball.