Say Kumusta to Filipino Club


Paris Blanco

By Paris Blanco

At Millikan, pride is taken in the fact that its students represent a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures. One example of this diversity is Millikan’s Filipino Club.

Overall, Filipino Club strives to bond over Filipino culture and practices. For example, the club has gone over Filipino art, sports, animals, and food. 

 Club president and QUEST junior Ashley Ocampo states, “We just hope that at the end of each meeting, everyone learns something new about the culture and appreciates it.” 

Due to COVID, Filipino Club meets every Monday during lunch over Zoom. A typical club meeting consists of doing some sort of activity and learning a word or phrase in Tagalog (the Philippines’ native language). For example, before winter break, the club worked on making traditional Filipino Christmas decorations over Zoom. 

COMPASS senior Madalynn Lew says, “I enjoy learning new words in Tagalog the most. For example, ‘magandang gabi’ means good evening.”

Although many people in the club didn’t know each other previously, they all share a common love of learning about Filipino culture. Through Filipino club, many members have grown closer to each other. 

“Everyone and anyone is invited to join the club,” states Ocampo, “We are more than happy to open our club to all.”

Pictured above is a Zoom screenshot of Millikan’s Filipino Club. Some of the club members have the Philippines’ national flag as their background.