Let Them Eat Snacks


Soleil Mckoy

Soleil Mckoy
Staff Reporter

This year, the student store is back and better than ever. Located right next to the cafeteria, the student store is easily accessible and conveniently open during nutrition, lunch, as well as before and after school. Students in need of a quick snack, or those craving a favorite treat, can find themselves choosing from a variety of different chips, nuts, pop tarts, cookies, icecreams, waters, Gatorade, smoothies – the list just goes on! 

This year, the student store has introduced Apple Pay, Google Pay, and regular credit and debit as payment methods. Students with no cash are now able to purchase their snacks hassle-free. 

Ms. Knight, the staff member behind the shack, says, “All the money that we make gets put into the ASB fund. We are the number one money maker for the school.”

Supporting the student store is supporting Millikan High. During break times, head over and buy a snack- or two. 

Seen: Outside of the student store