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Emma Sharman

By Emma Sharman

17,000 Earthquakes In Iceland in the Past Week: During the first week of March, 2021, Iceland’s capital city of Reykjanes and the regions surrounding it were struck by over 17,000 earthquakes. On February 24th, the largest of the quakes occurred with a magnitude of 5.6, followed by a multitude of smaller tremors and several more 5.0 earthquakes. 

Scientists are currently grappling with the reason for these seemingly endless tremors. So far, it has been suggested that there may have been an “intrusion of magma into the Earth’s crust” in the region, which could potentially lead to a volcanic eruption. In the event of volcanic activity, there aren’t any populated areas that would be at immediate risk, the University of Iceland’s Volcanology and Natural Hazard Group told CNN.


This image demonstrates the layout of the tectonic plates in Iceland which are the cause of the excessive seismic activity there year round.

Italian Renaissance Armor Returned to Louvre Museum: 40 years ago, two pieces of Italian Renaissance armor — a helmet and a breastplate — were stolen from the Louvre Museum on May 31st, 1983. The armor had been made between the years 1560 and 1580 and was donated to the Louvre by the Rothschild family in 1922, but the theft is still a mystery. The helmet and breastplate were recovered “thanks to the work of investigators.” The museum told CNN. The museum tells The BBC that it is “delighted that the armor had been recovered after 40 years.” 

Britain’s Prince Philip Moves Hospitals After Treatment for Pre-Existing Heart Condition: The Prince had been moved to King Edward VII’s Hospital to undergo a procedure for a pre-existing heart condition that has been deemed “successful,” the Buckingham Palace told ABC News. He is expected to remain hospitalized for several days following this procedure in order to receive ongoing treatment, but has been transported to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, a private hospital in east London. The hospitalization of the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was not COVID-19 related, a royal source specified to ABC.