LBUSD Plans for Schools to Return in April

LBUSD Plans for Schools to Return in April

Paris Blanco

By Paris Blanco 

As revealed in a district slide show, the Long Beach Unified School District has future plans for phasing students into hybrid learning. 

For elementary in-person instruction, it is planned for TK-5 teachers to return to classrooms on March 22 in order to prepare for their students’ return. Then, on March 29, elementary students will return to school on a hybrid schedule. 

As for middle and high schools, the return to school plans consist of a few more requirements. In order for both middle and high schools to return to in-person instruction, COVID cases must remain in the red tier for five days as per Los Angeles County requirements. Being in the red tier means that there are four to seven daily positive COVID cases per 100,000 people. The current adjusted rate of cases in L.A. County is 3.7 COVID cases per 100,000. This number is less than a rate of seven cases, according to the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy. So, L.A. County is considered to be in the red tier.  


Shown above is an example of one of the various safety posters that will be displayed on campus. For more information, visit the LBUSD COVID-19 School Opening and Safety Plan

In the event that Los Angeles Country moves into the red tier, middle school teachers will return to classrooms on April 12 for preparation and students will return on April 20. As for high schools, teachers will return to classrooms on April 12. On April 19, high school seniors only will be returning to in-person instruction. One week later, grades 9-11 students will return to schools as well. Both middle and high school students will return on a hybrid schedule, if choosing to do so. Otherwise, students will stay on a strictly online schedule. 

As stated in the LBUSD COVID-19 School Opening and Safety Plan, many in-class measures will be taken in order to ensure safety. Students will be required to wear a mask at all times and will be health screened upon arrival at school. Social distancing will also be implemented in all parts of the school, including classrooms. Additionally, all high-touch surfaces and the various rooms will be cleaned regularly. Heating and air conditioning systems are also being designed with MERV-16 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) filters in order to increase air filtration. 

According to LBUSD Public Information Director, Chris Eftychiou, “We’ve been planning for a safe return to in-person learning for many months because we know that for many students, a real live classroom is the most effective setting.”