Cornered in Creativity

Cornered in Creativity

James Goddard

By James Goddard
Copy Editor

Creativity is swarming around the Millikan Campus in many forms. One group has come together to create a new space to express it, the Poet’s Corner! 

Poet’s Corner was started this year by Bhree Walker, who is a QUEST sophomore, and is currently sponsored by Mr. Poerschke. Despite its name, the club is not focused strictly on poetry. 

“It’s mainly just to get your form of expression out,” says Walker. “I’ve heard of clubs that do that but they have to do it in front of people.” 

She explains further that this club is a quiet alternative to other clubs or events that require speaking in front of large groups. Participants show off art, music, and writing.

“I want this club to be somewhere where people can relax,” says Walker. 

“I actually read a book, it’s called ‘Every Last Word’ and there was a poetry club, they called it Poet’s Corner.” 

This club meets every Thursday during lunch in room 417. Stop by to experience this creative expression in a comfortable space.

For more information on available clubs, check out Millikan’s ASB page.

Poster advertising the Poet’s Corner outside of the club’s meeting place, room 417.