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Cornered in Creativity

Cornered in Creativity

By James Goddard
Copy Editor

Creativity is swarming around the Millikan Campus in many forms. One group has come together to create a new space to express it, the Poet’s Corner! 

Poet’s Corner was started this year by Bhree Walker, who is a QUEST sophomore, and is currently sponsored by Mr. Poerschke. Despite its name, the club is not focused strictly on poetry. 

“It’s mainly just to get your form of expression out,” says Walker. “I’ve heard of clubs that do that but they have to do it in front of people.” 

She explains further that this club is a quiet alternative to other clubs or events that require speaking in front of large groups. Participants show off art, music, and writing.

“I want this club to be somewhere where people can relax,” says Walker. 

“I actually read a book, it’s called ‘Every Last Word’ and there was a poetry club, they called it Poet’s Corner.” 

This club meets every Thursday during lunch in room 417. Stop by to experience this creative expression in a comfortable space.

For more information on available clubs, check out Millikan’s ASB page.

Poster advertising the Poet’s Corner outside of the club’s meeting place, room 417.

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James Goddard, Editor-in-Chief
I'm Eva (she/her), I'm a QUEST Senior. I'm studying journalism and am the Editor-in-Chief of the Corydon. I hope to accomplish a lot for the Corydon during my last year. I have been passionate about literature since I was a kid, and would love to write a novel of my own some day. But for now, telling the world's stories through journalism will do.

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  • S

    Sophia ValenzuelaDec 2, 2021 at 11:42 am

    Issue 2/2021, published on November 17 of 2021 brings with it James Goddard’s “Cornered in Creativity.” His article details the purpose and function of the Poet’s Corner, a club recently founded by QUEST sophomore Bhree Walker. The name is inspired by the book, ‘Every Last Word’, where a poetry club by that same name was present. And although you may assume that’s what the club is for, it’s a place for all creative outlets to be displayed and explored. Goddard gathered this information through an interview with Walker, who wants the club to be a “quiet alternative” to clubs more focused on public speaking. I was glad to see an article about this club as I hadn’t known it was fully centered around poetry. I’d like to hear input from the club members as well since it is so new. The amount of clubs at Millikan that prioritize self expression in the form of the arts is great, it’s always nice to add another to the mix- especially when you have options pertaining to how outspoken you wish to be. It’s also one to consistently give students space to congregate, meeting weekly in room 417- Mr. Poerschke’s class. Thank you for spotlighting the Poet’s Corner!

  • J

    Jordan CaceresDec 1, 2021 at 11:44 am

    In issue 2, published on November 17, 2021 James Goddard wrote an article titled Cornered in Creativity which discussed the club of Poet´s corner made by Bhree Walker. The article itself draws people in with a unique title and in interesting premiss, though the length of the article and details within I find disappointing. While the club itself is fascinating I, as mentioned prior, find myself curious as to how short and undetailed the club description is. We see her motivations and reasoning for creative the club and are told what makes it different from other creative clubs here on campus. What the article seems to lack is what the club is about other than showing off arts. One of the biggest issues I´ve noticed here on campus is that while we introduce club after club, the amount of information of what they are about and how they run is so minimal that from personal experience and from what I´ve heard from others, its difficult to go to them only to be disappointed that it is nothing as productive, fun or interesting as they thought. As such I feel that telling us what the club is about and how it runs is an integral part of showing it off.

  • L

    lucia thomasNov 17, 2021 at 10:49 am

    this is so amazing i love it!!