A Series Student Run Small Businesses


Emma Sharman

By Emma Sharman


During the pandemic, it’s particularly difficult for small businesses- especially student-run ones – to thrive and get their feet off the ground for a variety of reasons, from shipping expenses to supply costs. Shopping with small local businesses as opposed to larger corporate brands not just during the holidays, but all throughout the year is a great way to contribute to local culture and assist these small businesses during tough times. Here are some small businesses run by Millkan students where you can do holiday shopping for loved ones (or for yourself, during the rest of the year). 

Made With Luvv: An online jewelry shop created by QUEST Senior Izzy Serrao and co-run by COMPASS senior Phoebe Murray, with logo design by QUEST Senior Kelcey Christen. Serrao states, “I hope to spread joy and raise customer’s self confidence with my unique, handmade jewelry.” You can find Made With Luvv on instagram under the handle @madewith.luvv or on Facebook, and they are having a 50% off sale on all earrings in honor of the holiday season.

LemonAid Shop: An online mask shop created by QUEST Senior Kylee Ishibashi. She states, “My mission is to raise money in order to aid those in need for my senior project at Millikan High School. My masks are handmade and ethically sewn from mostly upcycled vintage fabrics.” All profits from this small business are donated to local homeless shelters! You can find LemonAid Shop on instagram @lemonaid.shop.

Stellar Love: An online clothing store run by SEGA Senior Jesse Guerrero. Stellar Love donates 40% of their profits to organizations that help homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Guerrero explains, “All of our products are sustainable and ethically made.” You can find Stellar Love on Instagram @ste11arlove or on their website: https://www.stellar-love.com/ .Shop Rachel Barnes:An online jewelry shop created and run by COMPASS Junior Rachel Barnes. “I started my earring business a little over a year ago as a hobby, but now it’s one of my biggest passions! Right now, my goals are either opening up an etsy shop or a website.” Barnes says. You can find her on instagram @shop.rachelbarnes.