College and Career Center: New Location, New Opportunities


Sophie Bright

By Liana Ngauv and Sophie Bright
Co-Editor-in-Chief and Copy/Feature Editor

With the completion of the new building, the College and Career Center moved from the 300 building to room 11207.

The College and Career Center’s purpose is to educate students on college opportunities and help with possible occupational paths, whether it be at college or not such as mock job interviews or to get work permits. 

The Center offers many resources and presentations, such as college representatives to help students learn more about their possible future, as well as information about financial aid, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

One of the new features at the center is a one-on-one room where it is exclusively private. There, students can discuss possible opportunities about  applications, scholarship qualifications and/or practice mock job interviews.

Check the center’s website for more information and learn more about the staff. 

The center is open all periods of the day from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm as well as during nutrition and lunch (where sometimes they host presentations from guest speakers) in which all students are allowed to attend.