Guard the Yard!

Kezziah Hernandez

By Kezziah Hernandez
Co-Editor in Chief

It’s the best time of the year, football season! Rams football is back! Thus far in the season Millikan rams have won three out of the several games played. 

Our most recent game was on Friday, October 8th against Compton; we beat them in a 42-6 game. 

 Emma Manriquez, a MBA Senior and the football team manager says,

“Hopefully we make it to the playoffs and CIFs because we haven’t made it in a long time. It’s been since my freshman year that we haven’t gotten into CIF,” she continued enthusiastically.

“Our football team’s strength this year is definitely defense, compared to the other teams we’ve played. We leave ourselves room to grow by watching recap games, it’s improved a lot better than what it was,” she believes.

Manriquez wants to tell her team, “You guys work so hard, I am so incredibly proud of everybody. You guys are a great bunch and I’m excited to spend the rest of the season with you. Keep working hard!” 

Millikan has more challengers coming our way, We’ll be playing Cabrillo for our homecoming game on October 22nd, and finishing off against Wilson on October 29th. With the way Millikan has been playing, let’s keep your fingers crossed Millikan Rams make it to the playoffs this year!

Photo credit to Anthony Thomas, Millikan’s Math Teacher. Millikan Rams against Lakewood Lancers.