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Serving Positivity On the Court

Alexa Palencia
The picture above depicts two Millikan Volleyball girls watching the game from the sidelines.

As the Girl’s Volleyball season is wrapping up officially on Oct. 10, against Lakewood High School, we can look back at their achievements. These hard-working girls have had an up-and-down season with a 44% win rate, finishing third in Moore League.

Girls volleyball kicked off their season with their first game on Aug. 12 against Saint Joseph, where they lost 3-1. The team then had a losing streak of three losses but came back and beat St. Anthony 3-0.

Despite the Ram’s lackluster start, the girls came back with a two-game win streak against Compton and Cabrillo, but were shut down against Long Beach Poly on Sep. 13. The ending score was 3-0.

PEACE Senior, Gracie Berger is a member of the Girls Volleyball Varsity team. She believes that the new players have been great additions to the team. 

The girls varsity team after a win against Jordon High School. (Nolan Alvarez)

“Instead of a potential setback, our youth has become our greatest asset, infusing our journey with enthusiasm and boundless potential,” said Berger.

Berger added, “Maintaining a positive mindset as a team while striving for unity has consistently been our foremost objective.” With their emphasis on constructive communication and culture of resilience, they are sure to build great relationships along the way. 

After multiple attempts, we were unable to get an interview with the team’s coach.

On Oct. 3, Millikan’s Girls Volleyball Senior Night will take place. It will take place at 5:30 in the big gym. Make sure to go and celebrate their last year as Rams.

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Arianna Garcia, Social Media Editor
Hello, my name is Arianna Garcia and I am a 10th grader in Quest.  My pronouns are she/her. Outside of school I enjoy going out into nature, traveling to different parts of Mexico, watching baseball, and taking care of younger children. I joined the Millikan Corydon because I love writing and was interested in keeping my fellow classmates updated and aware of any new information that could possibly effect them.I would like to think I am a dedicated student and am looking forward to adding more insight to this wonderful website.
Alexa Palencia, Photographer
I'm Alexa (she/her), I am a QUEST junior and this is my second year in photography. I am also in Millikan's intermediate 5/6 dance team and have been dancing for over 12 years.  If you need any song or movie recommendations I got you.

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  • S

    Sophia NygaardNov 1, 2023 at 8:56 am

    Dear Corydon Editor,
    On October 5, 2023, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “Serving Positivity on the Court”. First and foremost, I appreciate and love the attention and praise the girls’s volleyball team has received. Though we are not the most prominent sport, recognition is excellent from time to time. Though this year’s steak was not expected, the positivity spreading across the court and on the highlighted teams brings me excitement and happiness for the next season! A
    suggestion I would like to offer is interviewing those whom Gracie Berger states as the new player and their perspectives on the season and how they would expect to grow as the extra perspective could help those who don’t know much about the sport to get a view on it through a volleyball player’s perspective. We had a fantastic freshman on varsity that will soon strive for greatness in next year’s season. Once more, I appreciate the acknowledgment of a small yet mighty team as the Coach whom you were not able to get a word on would be thankful and proud of the recognition of our team spirit and culture here at Millikan and how we can hopefully improve and spread more positivity throughout the program. I hope you are excited about this upcoming beach season!
    Sophia Nygaard

  • B

    Benjamin CholicoOct 25, 2023 at 11:14 am

    On October 5, 2023, Ariana Garica wrote an article titled “Serving Positivity on the Court”. The article summarized Millikan’s Girls’ volleyball season including their stats and the rough patches they went through. At the beginning of the season, the girl’s opened the 2023 varsity season 0-4 and would later go on a two game losing streak following their first win against Jordan and Cabrillo. When asked during an interview, Varsity Captain Gracie Berger, stated “Maintaining a positive mindset as a team while striving for unity has consistently been our foremost objective.” The article does a good job explaining how the girls used a positive mindset to help improve their game. While they placed 3rd in the moore league, Gracie states how their new youth have been a great addition to the team. Ms.Garcia includes the effects of a positive mindset on the volleyball team as well room for improvement moving forward

  • C

    Cameron FloydOct 24, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    October 24, 2023

    Dear Corydon Editor,

    On October 5, 2023 Arianna Garcia wrote the article titled “Serving Positivity On The Court ”. The article first begins giving strong insight on the background of the Millikan Girls Varsity Volleyball team rocky start to their Moore League season, but began to get the ball rolling with a two game win streak. While the article does give good insight into how the season is going for the Volleyball team, it briefly glosses over the theme of positivity stated in the title as the only positive found is in the quote from the Varsity Captain later in the article.
    To correct this small flaw in the article I recommend that Garcia sheds more positive light on the progress that the team has come from due to the article first praising the team for something positive, but always remarking something negative almost immediately after that statement. Furthermore, I suggest a correction in the spelling of Jordan at the bottom of the article, as it is misspelled and can be seen as unprofessional in a new article paper.
    To enhance the article I also recommend getting more perspectives on the positively shown on the court as the article claims from more members of the Varsity team in order to increase the credibility of the article. Overall, the article has grabbed my attention and has boosted my interest in the Girls Millikan Volleyball team.


    Cameron Floyd

  • C

    Caden BuiOct 24, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    Dear Corydon Editor,

    On October 5, 2023, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “Serving Positivity on the Court”. This article summarizes the girls volleyball teams season, as they had a very up and down struggle. It contains examples of where the team played well such as their two game win streak against Compton and Cabrillo but also mentioned their rough patches which include starting the season with four straight losses. The article emphasizes the rams staying positive on the court despite the losses. An interview with Gracie Berger explains the team’s feelings and how even though they struggled they added a lot of assets to the team and saw a lot of potential in the future. However, she adds many unnecessary details that show the rams struggle instead of the positives of the season. It takes the focus off their positivity and focuses it on the losing season of the rams volleyball team. This article does a great job of catching the reader’s attention and gives in depth information about the rams volleyball season.


    Caden Bui

  • L

    Lauren CantwellOct 23, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    October 21, 2023

    Dear Corydon Editor,

    On October 5, 2023, Arianna Garcia wrote an article titled “Serving Positivity On the Court”. This article had a very good start by including the volleyball team’s achievements. By giving evidence of their good season it backs up her initial statement of their good accomplishments. The article didn’t stick to the main theme of positivity. Explaining the girls wins and losses gave a good opening but didn’t include the full extent of how the positivity contributed to the wins. Instead of positivity being the reason the team was winning, it was stated the new players on the team contributed heavily to their wins.
    Of course, the article was written to reel the audience in to their season and how it contributed to them getting 3rd in mooreleague. By using an interview from a player, it substantiates that the girls volleyball team is determined this year to win mooreleague. Some suggestions to improve this article would be to explain more on what the interviewer said. The article articulated very nicely the seasonal comeback, yet if positivity was more included, the piece would be even better.
    Reading through the article did spike interest. It was written very formally and by explaining the season of the team from the beginning to end was strategic. It did very well at making the readers of the article have more background knowledge on how the team did and why it’s important to know more about them.


    Lauren Cantwell