Summer Internships and Opportunities


Maialen Teagle-Alarcon

Opportunities posted in the College and Career Center.

Tere Quezada, Editorial Page Editor

As we approach the end of the school year we must prepare ourselves for next year’s extracurricular activities. This includes service hour opportunities, ways to earn extra cash, and ways to gain experiences and skills that will help us as young adults. 

It can be difficult to find these opportunities that suit our needs, which is why your friends at The Corydon are informing students and making the opportunities more accessible. Read below to find all types of offers to grow your resumes.

(Maialen Teagle-Alarcon)

Volunteering Opportunities:


Environmental Beautification and Restoration- 


Community Programing-


Building Bonds-


Job Opportunities:


To find jobs that fit your needs, visit the links below to find a summer job that will earn you some cash and help you expand your skill set.