Millikan Surfs to Success


Madden Strong

Competitive surfer.

Alma Perez, Copy Editor

Surf’s up Rams! Millikan’s Surf team, led by captains Lily Dickson, Julia Walton, and Jordan Von Leffern, and head coach, John Fast, a United States History and Intro to Psychology teacher at Millikan, just finished their 2022-23 season on Jan 12. 

The team made high achievements this season. Julia Walton and Jordan Von Leffern made it to their finals in shortboard, while Ty Jameison made it to the semi-finals. 

“I think the season went really well,” said Fast. “We had a win against Mater Dei, which was our big win.”

Though surfing is labeled as a year-round sport on the Millikan website, their official season starts in the fall with finals in January. 

However, there is an upcoming spring girls’ season. So, if any capable girl surfers are interested in joining, now is your chance!  

“I would recommend surf to everyone,” says Von Leffren, an MBA sophomore. “It’s just an amazing experience and the team and everyone on it are super welcoming and will always help you out.” 

On top of the competitive team, there is also a surf class, with surfers separate from those on the competitive team. The surf class counts towards PE credit and allows the students to surf up to four times a week. 

Competitive surfer. (Sam Suque & Dima Bah)

The team is finishing off a pretty great season, and their future shows they’re only getting better. Every surfer who won this year

was either a junior or a sophomore. So the team is looking to have even more great seasons in the coming years!