These Feet Are Bringing the Heat


Raelyn Ponce

The Track and Field team in a huddle.

Kassie Sainz and Shane Texeira

The Track and Field team has been too quick for us! Dashing into their new season, Millikan’s group of athletes have been training hard to dominate Moore League, starting with their first competition at Wilson High school on March 15.

The Corydon was unable to get a quote from Coach Naulls, but a student athlete went into amazing detail about their schedule. 

According to COMPASS junior Ethan Cochran, Track and Field consists of three teams: the Long-distance team (the mile and two mile races), the Mid-distance team (the 800 yard race), and the Sprinters (all of the shorter-distance races).

He believes that the bonds they have made with each other are the key to motivating everyone to keep on running. 

Cochran says, “The big thing is the community that is made within running and the team and friendships within it. It sounds cheesy, but that’s the thing that really keeps people going back.”

Moreover, he discussed the current roster, emphasizing the faith he has in his teammates and the success they’ll achieve.

Further reflecting on the team’s journey throughout the year, QUEST senior and team manager Sydnee Thy shared the impact Coach Naulls has had on improving his athletes.

The Track and Field relay team training for their season. (Raelyn Ponce)

“Coach Naulls sees the potential in people, and brings it out of them without them knowing,” stated Thy, “We all think we know our limits, but he pushes us farther than we think possible. I have learned from first hand experience that track is a mental sport.”

With teammates as supportive as family and a coach who cares more about athletes’ potential than their record, the track and field team is sure to rise above the competition. Through March and April, the track and field team will showcase their collective efforts during their season. Make sure to come out and support their speedy success!