The Netflix Cancellation Sensation


“Annie with an E” is among the Netflix shows that have been cancelled. PHOTO BY Alexa Palencia, Serrano Alani, and Rori Willong

Rebecca Wilson, Copy Editor

If you’re currently mourning the cancellation of one of your favorite Netflix series, you are not alone. In just the past year, the streaming giant has canceled many of its “Netflix Originals” including “1899”, Warrior Nun”, “Inside Job”, and “First Kill”. This comes right after the service reportedly lost subscribers for the first time in its history, in Apr. of 2022.

While cancellation is par for the course of streaming services, the sheer number of canceled shows on the platform has many viewers upset.

“A lot of shows I like have gotten canceled like “I Am Not Okay with This” and “Everything Sucks,” says PEACE senior Malaika Phiri. 

Increased Netflix Cancellations have many online fans calling for a boycott PHOTO BY Alexa Palencia, Serrano Alani, and Rori Willong

“They canceled “Inside Job,” says SEGA senior Mannuel Franco. “I’m still mad about that.”

This, combined with Netflix increasing the cost for all subscription tiers, has caused controversy amongst users with some going as far as to cancel their subscriptions. 

Many have taken to social media to voice their concerns. 

On Jan. 18 “Netflix correct your mistake” took over the Twitter Trending Tab after a 2017 tweet saying, “We don’t like leaving a story unfinished” from the official Netflix account resurfaced.

“What’s the point of watching Netflix original series if they’re canceling them after the first season?” wrote Twitter user @Reimaku95. As of Jan. 18, their tweet has garnered over 7,000 likes and 180 retweets.

Forbes analysts have been referring to this cycle of canceling original programs as a “death spiral.” 

“It’s annoying. I can see a lot of people canceling their subscriptions if Netflix keeps doing this,” says Phiri. 

Are these cancellations signs of bad news for the service? Or a new type of business as usual for the streaming world?