Marching Into Victory


Ava Sedillo

The Millikan Marching band at the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade.

Liam Hollon, Assistant Athletics Editor

This has been an outstanding year for our Millikan Marching Band and Colorguard! The two groups have had exceptional results in their five competitions this year and have even managed to be top five in the California State Band Championships.

With such amazing results, it’s clear that a lot of work had to be put in by these programs. Practice is key in allowing for the band and guard groups to perform at their highest potential. 

“We have two after school practices a week, Monday just with Colorguard and Wednesday with the band from 6-9 p.m.,” says QUEST junior and Colorguard captain Samantha Mills. In these practices, there were key components that the Guard and band had to work on. 

“The most important component to me that I tried to implement into the team was communication,” said Mills.

The point of these practices and the emphasis on communication is to improve and perform as unified as possible for the competitions they participate in. In these competitions, the ensemble performs for judges that give them a score which decides their placement in their division. 

PHOTO BY: Kaylie Pham. Colorguard performing at the DeHaven Stadium.

“Our first show was about average for what we normally do but after that, we’ve had really good outcomes that have gone further than we ever have before,” said Millikan band teacher Dolfo Picanco. 

In the state championship, they managed to get an 89.6 which got them fifth place! You will soon find our band at home Millikan Basketball games. Congrats to the band and Guard for such an amazing fall season!