Instagram Lawsuit

Tere Quezada, Editoral Editor

With more than 1.4 billion users, Instagram won this year’s title of the world’s fourth most active social media platform. Due to its popularity, people don’t really stop to question its security. This has become a major issue.  

Instagram has been sued a multitude of times for not protecting its users’ personal information. The most recent lawsuit was in 2020 when the company went under a thorough investigation for exposing children to unsafe cyber behavior. Instagram gave children between the ages of 13 and 17 the opportunity to publicize both their email address and phone number, meaning that they can share their information to thousands of people if they have a public or business account. 

PHOTO BY: Tere Quezada

Giving children the opportunity to post their personal information is not an ethical decision. At this stage in life, 13-17 years of age, children are very vulnerable since they can easily be manipulated or persuaded to make bad decisions for multiple reasons. Children and teenagers face peer pressure and the desire to fit in on a daily basis, which can become very overwhelming.

When about 25 students around campus were asked the question “did you read the terms and conditions when you downloaded Instagram?” we received one cumulative response, “no”. 


 “I might have skimmed through it but I did not stop and read the terms and conditions,” said Sydney Tyler, COMPASS sophomore.

As young adults it is important that we learn to stop and read when we are signed away our rights no matter what type of document or application it’s on. Although the privacy settings on the app have not changed we must consider all negative repercussions when using social media. Disclosing your information on the internet can have negative consequences which is why we should learn to stop to think and read before we make decisions like this.