Should There be Fans in the Gym?



Allyson Richter, Staff Reporter

Many Millikan students and families have spent time in the school gyms, and one aspect no one is fond of is the overheating. When the record-breaking heat wave swept through Southern California, Millikan’s gyms became unbearably hot and players on the girls volleyball team began to discuss the addition of fans among themselves and their coaches.

PHOTO COURTESY OF  Alexa Palencia. A student uses a fan to cool down.

The gym’s only defense against the heat is a few open doors where people stand in hope of catching a breeze. Students who work out and practice in the gym shouldn’t have to worry about passing out from the heat when overheating gyms can be avoided altogether. When health is a concern, things need to change. 

“There have been moments where we’ve had to take a step outside or we’ve had to step out of drills we’ve been doing just because of how hot it was,” says Elianni Rodriguez, a QUEST sophomore on the girls junior varsity volleyball team.

 “Considering the heat wave and how hot it was, it gets dangerous,” she said, “People can faint, people can collapse out of nowhere, and it’s hard because not a lot of us know what to do.”  

One way to avoid this safety issue is to add fans to combat the conditions in the gym. Adding fans will get airflow back into the gyms and make them safer for people using them. This will bring relief to both athletes and spectators. It also recaptures time previously used for escaping the weather to now be used for uninterrupted practice.

Although the heat is hard to go unnoticed in the gym, should we expect any changes soon? “Currently, we are in the works for getting large 30 inch fans for all of our hotter areas on campus,” stated Mr. Ashley, a Millikan assistant principal. “We are going to put a higher priority on learning environments over the gym.”

For now, anyone who goes into the gyms should try to bring a way to keep cool until fans are added in the future.