Keep Politics in Entertainment!



Rebecca Wilson, Copy Editor

This year, both Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” and HBO Max’s “House of The Dragon” have sparked controversies for how they’ve handled political themes and messaging in their stories and reigned the debate of whether or not political themes have a place in entertainment at all.

When it comes to entertainment, political themes can usually be found in satires and dramas. PHOTO COURTESY OF Manuel Franco

I believe that politics and entertainment are inherently entwined. It’s impossible to completely separate the two, nor should we attempt to. Instead of pushing creators to completely emit political themes from our entertainment media, we should try to approach the content with open-minds and critique, regardless of if we agree with it or not.

Jason Wilson is an AP English Language and Composition teacher here at Millikan. His class regularly analyzes themes in both film and literature. “Politics is a part of life,” he said, “It’s in everything, you know. Why would entertainment be any different?”

This isn’t to say that every piece of entertainment does, or even should, attempt to tackle complex political and social issues head-on, nor that the ones that do are automatically better for it, or even do it well. Rather, creators shouldn’t be afraid of inserting political themes in their story when it serves it well, and audiences shouldn’t be afraid of engaging with politically charged entertainment just because it may make them uncomfortable. 

The best stories are the ones that question and challenge the audience and leave them thinking by the end, and those are so often the same ones that people take offense to. For that reason, politics should always have a place in entertainment.