Digital ID’s


Photo of: The Minga app Photo Courtesy: Advanced Photography student

Alma Perez, Copy Editor

This year, Millikan, along with every other major high school in LBUSD, has opted to use online IDs.

Photo of: Student entering Millikan using their Digital ID
Photo Courtesy: Advanced Photography student

This change was decided at the end of last year when Lifetouch, the company LBUSD uses for ID and yearbook photos, reached out to the activities coordinators of Long Beach high schools with a new form of ID on the Minga app.

The main reason that Millikan and Mr. Robinson, the Millikan activities director, chose to move to the digital platform was because of students’ connections to their phones.

“What is something that a student more than likely doesn’t forget?” said Robinson, “and it would be their cell phone.”

While the administration may focus more on the benefits of the new IDs, some students have a little more skepticism.  

“Using digital IDs is an easy way to access your information but aren’t a hundred percent dependable,” says PEACE junior Kweli McIntosh. 

This skepticism is also valid. Since the start of the new year, Mr. Robinson has noticed three major cons to the new IDs: students who don’t have phones, students who have their phones taken away, and students whose Minga apps don’t load on school wifi. 

However, this change means fewer students forgetting or losing their IDs, so no more fees for temporary replacements or printing new ones. 

As most of school goes online, it was only a matter of time before our IDs followed.