California Heat Wave


One of the many fans in Millikan classrooms across campus. Photo Courtesy: Alani

Alma Perez, Copy Editor

Fall is finally here, are you ready for sweater weather? Too bad, we’re in a heatwave! September is the time of year to settle into fall and get ready for the holiday season, but this year, California’s September has so far been a record-breaking heat wave

Residents have been told to conserve energy in order to avoid rolling blackouts due to the high demand for electricity. Many people have resorted to ACs and fans to remain cool, which require a lot of power. This September’s heatwave has been the hottest and longest reported in California history, according to California Governor Gavin Newsom

Millikan has definitely felt the heat, and most classrooms with A/C are putting it to good use.

Photo of fan in a classroom window
Photo Courtesy: Advanced Photography student

The heat wave is a result of higher global temperatures causing warmer oceans, according to Mr. Cruz Cardenas, the AP Environmental Science teacher at Millikan. 

More record-breaking heat waves like this will continue to happen in the future. “It is more likely than not that we will experience more heat waves for extended periods of time,” says Cruz. 

So, maybe wait a little more before you defrost your sweaters.